ENERMAX Announces Free LGA 1700 Kits for Intel Alder Lake!

A nice initiative for ENERMAX customers: not only those who buy an Intel Alder Lake processor in the future can be sure of being able to mount the brand’s heatsinks, but also those who have already purchased a motherboard or CPU can receive the kit for LGA 1700 for free.

ENERMAX, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance PC hardware products, confirms compatibility with Intel’s new 12th generation Alder Lake CPUs and announces the availability of LGA 1700 mounting kits for its current and future multi-socket desktop CPU coolers. Intel’s new processors have just been announced and will bring with them many new features including hybrid architecture, DDR5 RAM support and of course the new LGA 1700 socket.

ENERMAX Announces Free LGA 1700 Kits for Intel Alder Lake!

ENERMAX confirms compatibility with LGA 1700

ENERMAX offers full compatibility with the new LGA 1700 socket for its CPU cooler series by offering LGA 1700 mounting kits. In addition to LGA 1700, the coolers will continue to include mounting kits for the previous generation Intel platform (LGA 2066 | LGA 2011 | LGA 1156 | LGA 1155 | LGA 1151 | LGA 1150 | LGA 1200) e per AMD (AM4 | AM3+ | AM3 | AM2+ | AM2 | FM2+ | FM2 | FM).

ENERMAX Announces Free LGA 1700 Kits for Intel Alder Lake!

Free assembly kits for purchases after June 1st

LGA 1700 mounting kits will be provided free of charge to all owners of a supported Enermax cooling system purchased after June 1, 2021. To request the kit, users should contact the ENERMAX office in their region and provide proof of purchase for the ENERMAX heatsink and proof of purchase for a 12th generation Intel CPU or Intel Z690 motherboard. Please use the contact form available on the Enermax EU website in the services section. The heatsinks that support the LGA 1700 kit are AQUAFUSION, LIQTECH II, LIQMAX III, ETS-F40-FS and ETS-T50 AX. All future ENERMAX desktop CPU coolers will include the required LGA 1700 mounting kits. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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