ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and Solid Black: new heatsinks available

ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and Solid Black: new heatsinks available

The new ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and Solid Black CPU coolers with 140mm fan are available on the European market. Let’s find out together!

ENERMAX announces the new tower coolers ETS-F40-FS ARGB e ETS-F40-FS Solid Black in Europe. The new models are completely black and complement the base version ETS-F40-FS already released in 2020. The ARGB version also features addressable RGB LEDs on the fan and top cover. Both models continue to rely on one large 140mm fan with low speeds to ensure good airflow in quiet operation. A mounting system suitable for current AMD and Intel sockets including AM4 and LGA 1200 is of course included in the delivery.

ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and Solid Black: new heatsinks available

ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and Solid Black: the new heatsinks for Intel and AMD CPUs

ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB and ETS-F40-FS Solid Black offer exceptional cooling performance up to 200W of TDP. Associated with a quiet 140mm fan with a level of maximum noise of 23 dB (optionally with ARGB LEDs), ENEMAX’s new CPU air coolers are the best choice for quiet, multimedia and gaming PCs. In particular, the optimized PWM control of the ETS-F40-FS a low starting speed (from 300 to 1200 rpm) does not compromise between noise and excellent performance. THE four 6mm asymmetrical heatpipes with Heat Pipe Direct Touch ensure the best RAM compatibility and fast heat transfer. The ARGB fan and top cover offer stunning rainbow effects in combination with a supported motherboard. The cooler is a must for RGB lighting fans.

Main features

  • Tower cooler with 4 x 6mm copper heatpipes
  • Stunning rainbow effects thanks to addressable RGB LEDs in the fan hub and top cover
  • Synchronization with ARGB 5V motherboards from Asus, Asrock, MSI, Gigabyte, as well as compatibility with Razer Chroma
  • Fast heat transfer via Heat Pipe Direct Touch (HDT)
  • Patented Vortex Generator Flow (VGF) for better air circulation around heat pipes
  • Vacuum Effect Flow (VEF) that draws in fresh air from the sides
  • Asymmetrical heat pipe design for best RAM compatibility
  • Quiet 140mm fan with a minimum speed of only 300rpm for extremely quiet operation
  • Compact size with an overall height of 156mm for high case compatibility
  • Additional fan clip set for mounting another fan to increase performance
  • Universal mounting system to support various Intel and AMD sockets

Prices and availability

ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS ARGB [ETS-F40-BK-ARGB] will be available at the price of € 44.99 incl. VAT, while ENERMAX ETS-F40-FS Solid Black [ETS-F40-BK] it will cost € 39.99 incl. VAT. All information on the products is available on the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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