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Enough Facebookers, Meta employees are called Metamates

Mark Zuckerberg has decided that, now that Facebook has made the rebranding becoming Meta, employees will also change their names: from Facebookers they become Metamates. Further proof that the company is now betting everything on the metaverse.

No more Facebookers, Meta employees are Metamates

Google employees are called Googlers, those hired by Amazon Amazonians. Who works for Facebook, until yesterday was a Facebooker. But now that the company has changed its name, so are the Meta employees who will be called Metamates.

Mark Zuckerberg, after announcing in October the name change of the queen of social media that he co-founded, yesterday spoke about the new values ​​of the company. Changing names, mottoes and the whole corporate identityand built in recent years (perhaps it has become a toxic asset, given the recent problems).

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In fact, the change does not only come from the name. The company discards some of the corporate mottos of the past such as “Be Bold” and “Focus on impact”, changing them slightly. In fact they arrive “Build awesome things” e “Focus on long-term impact“, Which are less pretentious and more specific. And then there are those focused on the future of the metaverse, like “Live in Future” e “Meta, Metamates, me”.

In a post on Facebook Zuckerberg explained that “I have always thought that for values ​​to be useful, they must be ideas on which good companies can discuss and emphasize differently. I believe these values ​​capture how we need to move as a company to bring our vision to life ”.

On Zuckeberg’s post, many employees commented with thumbs up and little hearts. But according to employees interviewed by the New York Times, privately they say more. In particular, many respondents wonder how continually changing your name can benefit the brand. And they begin to wonder if they are choices aimed at the future or if they are the beginning of a meltdown.

According to the company, the term Metamates was coined by the professor of cognitive science at the University of Indiana and Pulitzer Prize Douglas Hofstadter. However, he explained that he does not use any social media. Who knows if the name sound will have the desired effect by Meta.

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