eSports: the Exeed team in pre-season retreat

Through a press release, we learned about the pre-season retreat of Team Exeed, one of the strongest and best known Italian teams in eSports competitions

The world of eSports in Italy is becoming more and more lively, with a continuous expanding movement given both by the proliferation of strong and prepared teams, and by the excellent work of the Italian eSports Observatory (OIES). Through a press release, we learned about the pre-season summer retreat of Team Exeed, one of the best known and best performing teams on the entire national soil. As well as football clubs, the eSports club also gave players, coaches and managers a week of retreat in which they were able to train and have fun, in an attempt to strengthen the group. These are the things that make us understand how the line that separates virtual sport from real one is getting thinner and thinner. The similarities and needs between eSports and football clubs are increasing.

Team Exeed has decided, first in Italy, to gather all the players and staff in a single structure. A week of training, programming, comparisons and entertainment in a hotel in Tuscany. All in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations, and it was also the repetition of an experiment that was already perfectly successful in 2020. Inside the structure that hosted Exeed there was also a gaming room for live and streaming events on Twitch, as well as a space dedicated to training. Finally, during their stay Exeed hosted three young talents from the PLB Academy of former champions Cristian Vieri and Bernardo Corradi, giving them the opportunity to experience firsthand the environment of a professional video game team. For the occasion, the team also recorded a video, which we leave you below.

eSports: the founder of Team Exeed and his statements on the pre-season retreat

Federico Brambilla, president and co-founder of Exeed, commented:

For the second consecutive year I wanted to organize a moment of sharing among all the members of Exeed: we are a family and it is important to show it also by being together, getting to know each other better and discussing the future. The world of video games is not only made up of virtual and remote relationships, but also of human and personal relationships. Teammates must know each other as well as players and athletes in team sports. It was a very useful experience for both the guys and the staff.

Brambilla himself then concluded:

2021 is not over yet and we need to keep looking forward. The eSports movement in Italy is growing rapidly, we have worked well and therefore I wanted to reward our kids with this week all together between relaxation, fun and programming.

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