Fallout 5: Bethesda confirms the development of two mysterious games

Official confirmation arrives from Bethesda: Todd Howard admits the development of two games, including the potential (and highly anticipated) Fallout 5

Even six years after its release, the ill-fated online incarnation of the series has had its redemption, and by the looks of it Bethesda has welcomed the recent chatter that has been going on Fallout 5 more or less tacitly confirming it development. The success of Amazon Prime Video's adaptation has rekindled fans' love for the retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic world originally created by Interplay, and now we have an unexpected (but hoped-for) confirmation from none other than Todd Howard. During the interview of Kinda Funny Gamesthe golden boy of the development team talked about the second season of the show, the plans for Shelter and 76 as well as, finally, two projects not yet announced.

Fallout 5: will it really be one of Bethesda's projects in development?

Even without talking about numbered sequels, it's very likely that Bethesda is very much in the throes of developing Fallout 5. After a look at “what we're doing with the franchise,” begins Howard, “we can tell you based on what gives us optimism what our plans are ahead. Naturally, I can't immediately give news on the second season, on mobile, with 76 and all of our projects in the pipeline with a snap of the fingers, because the priority always goes to the quality of our projects.” Regarding the future of the saga, as we recently recalled when talking about Jez Corden's indiscretions priority will go to The Elder Scrolls VI, but things could also change. Unlike war, war never changes.

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