Eternal Return: the fifth season, new content and new gameplay

Eternal Return: la quinta stagione arriva con nuovi contenuti e un nuovo gameplay thumbnail

Eternal Return, the video game that excellently mixes MOBA + Battle Royale genres, developed by Nimble Neuron and published by Kakao Games, will be released in its fifth season with a new content pack.

Game skills and strategy but not only, also strength and intelligence: the elements to be combined in the game (either alone or in a team), in which you can find an increasingly growing and high cast of character, which develops in the mysterious and left Lumia Island.

Eternal Return: updates

A fifth season that promises to be sparkling. The most interesting thing will concern the skins of Spirit Hunter, characterized by a menacing and dark style on the part of the characters.

But that is not all. In fact, in the game there will also be “active objectives”, with very powerful abilities, and special equipment that can be used to make your arsenal even wider, also helping to raise the strategic level. Team fights? Here too an implementation: the automatic revival, which allows teammates who died before a certain point in the game to rejoin their crew.

And what about characters? Here is the talented Laura, a Phantom Thief who can play a leading role when it comes to victory.

Last but not least: the ranking of 4 vs 4, game mode that will push teams into an arena to fight in a lethal and brutal way, in order to impose their supremacy on the enemies.

The Eternal Return Season 5 Pack is available – at 6,400 NP (the in-game currency, ed), discounted by 70% – until March 2nd. The pass includes the ER Pass, 6 characters, 11 skins, emotes and more.