Etica and Fujifilm photography festival: another success

Lazio-Fiorentina: dove vedere la partita?

The Lodi Ethical Photography Festival ended on Sunday 29 October, confirming itself as a point of reference for photography all over the world this year too. We were guests of FUJIFILM, partner of the Festival and here we tell you about it

The 2023 Ethical Photography Festival ended on Sunday 29 October after a month of opening to the public in the city of Lodi which this year too has become a gaze of photography on the world. Alongside the Festival, this year too Fufijilm was the official partner which made some cameras available to the winners of the sections and created a Fujifilm Touch&Try point to try the main cameras.

Etica and Fujifilm photography festival: another success

Photo taken with Fujifilm X100 V

Etica and Fujifilm photography festival: another success

The review of this 2023 edition was even stronger and more direct than that of previous editions: an edition that presents images of what is happening in the world in a direct and without frills way. With 20 exhibitions, over 200 photographers from 40 different countries and 5 continents, we were able to see over 700 images on display.

The World Report Award section was notable, the result of the international competition of the Lodi Festival, which aims to give voice and support to the social commitment of photographers and is aimed at everyone, Italians and foreigners, professionals and non-professionals. The subject is humanity with its public and private events, its small and large stories; social phenomena, customs, civilisations, great tragedies and small daily joys, changes and immutability. Within this section also the Italian photographer Alessandro Cinque with Alpaqueros, an image chosen to spread the Festival and the winner Evgeniy Malotetka, who recounted the massacre of the Mariupol hospital during the bombing in Ukraine.

Etica and Fujifilm photography festival: another success

Photo taken with FUJIFILM X-T5 and Fujinon 33 mm (Circuit Off)

Etica and Fujifilm photography festival: another success Touch&Try

In this edition, oltre a essere Award Sponsor del World Report Award – Documenting HumanityFUJIFILM supported the exhibition Elegia Lodigiana by Gabriele Cecconi, on display in the Cavallerizza headquarters.

Through FUJIFILM’s Large Format GFX system, Cecconi created Elegia Lodigiana, a project that was financed by the 2022 Strategy Photography call, promoted by the General Directorate of Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Province of Lodi.

Since the first months of 2023, the photographer Gabriele Cecconi, an internationally renowned reporter with experience in environmental issues, has arrived in the Lodi area to cast his gaze on this territory. The choice to propose a photographic investigation is relevant, not only for the anthropological characteristics of this area, but also for the water crisis that hit northern Italy in 2022, with dramatic consequences on the economic-social fabric of the area.

Furthermore, FUJIFILM has opened the doors to its Touch&Try Point space to try out the products, provide information on the latest news and learn more about the peculiarities of the different X Series and GFX systems with advice on the best ways to use them. We had the opportunity to shoot the Festival with the Fujifilm X-T5 which we had the opportunity to review this year and also the timeless XV 100also compact APS-C system, perfect for street photography.