Shark presents the Shark Detect Pro range of cordless vacuum cleaners

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Shark is proud to present the latest addition to its range of floor cleaning items; the Shark Detect Pro cordless vacuum cleaner

Shark has presented its latest range of cordless vacuum cleaners, called Shark Detect Pro with an innovative automatic emptying function. Distributed in Italy by Attiva SpA, Shark is already known as the UK’s leading brand for vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Detect Pro series includes two models, one equipped with an automatic emptying base (IW3611EU) and the other without (IW1611EU). Both models they are designed to locate and tackle hidden dirt in your home, offering powerful and improved suction by 50%. The range boasts four deep cleaning technologies: DirtDetect, EdgeDetect, FloorDetect e LightDetectwhich combine to ensure thorough cleaning on floors and carpets.

Shark presents the Shark Detect Pro range of cordless vacuum cleaners

Details on the new range of Shark Detect Pro cordless vacuum cleaners

A highlight of the Detect Pro cordless vacuum cleaner is its automatic emptying base. This greatly reduces dust exposure during emptying and stores dirt and debris for up to 45 days (only for the IW3611EU model). The base features an advanced anti-allergen system and Odor Neutralizer technology to keep the air clean while cleaning.

Other features include: autonomy of up to 60 minutes, an LED display, a multi-surface brush roll and Shark Anti Hair Wrap anti-tangle technology. The latter prevents the accumulation of hair on the brush roll during use. The Shark Detect Pro vacuum cleaner is available on Amazon and at Euronics stores.

Shark’s Product Development Manager, Katya Carmanunderlined that:

the brand’s goal is to simplify household chores and reduce exposure to dust, while still maintaining high cleaning capacity. The cordless Shark Detect Pro range combines cutting-edge cleaning technologies with unprecedented emptying convenience. Maintaining the distinctive characteristics of the Shark brand that consumers have always appreciated.

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