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EU sets date by which iPhones must also have USB-C

L’European Union has finally set a definitive date by which all smartphones sold in the EU (including iPhones) must have one USB-C port: December 28, 2024. Within two years, this will officially be the standard for charging and data transfer.

EU: set the date by which iPhones must also have USB-C

The legislation imposing a single top-up standard, filed in the Official Gazette, will become formally binding on all member countries within 20 days of yesterday, January 8. Within 24 monthsall companies operating on the European market will have to comply with it.

When the legislation received its first approval this summer there was talk of “autumn 2024”, later the press releases spoke of “end 2024”: therefore the timing forecasts were met.

Almost every major Android manufacturer already effectively complies with the regulation, having implemented USB-C charging for years. The only big absentee is Apple, which still relies on the proprietary Lightning system. But it seems that Cupertino will also comply with the legislation.

At the moment, we cannot know for sure if Apple will aim for a USB-C input or if it will offer an iPhone without ports, with the ricarica wireless: only in this case the European legislation would not apply.

Apple may technically be able to launch yet another two generation of iPhones with the Lightning port, presenting an alternative not before autumn 2025. But maybe already next year could see some news.

In addition to smartphones, too tablets, digital cameras, headphones and portable consoles they will have to support USB-C as the only wireless charging system.

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