Europe wants the single charger, iPhone 15 will have USB-C

iPhone 14 Pro e Pro Max potrebbero avere l'USB-C thumbnail

European lawmakers will find this Tuesday 7 June to finalize the law on the single charger for smartphones, which will be l’USB-C. This means that all smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, will have to produce smartphones with that port. And the concept extends to tablets and headphones. And it looks like Apple is already working for bring USB-C to all iPhones 15 (not just those in Europa), which will be released in 2023.

Europe towards the single charger, iPhone 15 with USB-C

The idea of ​​establishing a single standard for charging has been debated in the European Parliament for almost a decade now. The main reason is the decrease of electronic waste, avoiding that people who change phones also have to change charging cables.

Apple has repeatedly rejected these proposals, saying that such positions risk slowing progress. But it seems that she is about to give in to this technology that she adopts herself for the MacBook and iPad, capable of Faster transfers than Lightnin cableg.

The June 7 meeting is expected to determine the details regarding this new law. Of all, the most significant it will affect the implementation date. It is likely that the legislation will not apply immediately, to avoid companies having to stop production already in place.

So the latest estimates predict that iPhone 14 will still have the Lightning cable as well there will be no problem for distribution in Europe. However, Apple would be reflecting on the abundance of USB-C in 2023. Not only in Europe but all over the world, in order to improve fast charging and data transmission. Important especially for those who record videos with the very heavy Pro models.

So it seems that from next year if someone asks “does anyone have a charger?”, There will be no need to specify which manufacturer. USB-C will soon become the new standard.

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