A ogni TV la sua soundbar: Sony e il suo Acoustic Centre Sync thumbnail

Every TV has its own soundbar: Sony and its Acoustic Center Sync

We sit on a sofa, grab a remote control and start discovering Sony Bravia XR A95L.
4K, QD-OLED panel, an extremely interesting color range and all the convenience of Google TV.
But there’s more.
The A95L is not just but alongside the HT-A5000 soundbar, SA-SW5 subwoofers and SA-RS5 speakers. Not because the TV audio is not very powerful but because all this is part of Sony’s new strategy, which wants to combine quality audio with a very high level image.
All this using a function called Acoustic Centre Sync.
But let’s go in order.

The Sony Bravia XR A95L test

We spent an hour in the company of Sony Bravia XR A95L. Too little for a complete review but enough to tell you about its features and first impressions.

We are faced with a top of the range from the Japanese giant. In fact, the price, we’ll tell you straight away, is quite demanding: starting from €3,299 for the 55-inch version, we go up to €3,999 for the 65-inch one and land at €6,499 for the 77-inch one.

The quality of the image

Sony Bravia XR A95L image quality test

What do you get home for this price? First of all, a television that focuses heavily on image quality, thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR which performs a multitude of functions. First of all it works a bit like the human brain understands the focal point, the one on which the viewer’s attention is concentrated, and acts to improve it. The “how” depends on the TV model because the processor understands what type of panel it is mounted on and acts differently on a lot of parameters.

It improves contrast in general, we have a wide color gamut, high brightness, enhanced upscaling thanks to the ability to intelligently recreate textures and details and even XR Motion with intelligent motion processing in the most dynamic sequences.

How does all this translate into real life? We spent a few minutes enjoying the most disparate contents and the quality of the Sony Bravia XR A95L is undeniable: the experience is immersive, the details are never lacking and the blacks are deep. From the first tests done the color rendering seemed really excellent despite using the various presets already present in the TV.

Then there is good heat management: Behind the screen there is a heatsink that works together with the processor. The latter takes care of mapping the screen, understanding which areas are the most heated and consequently managing them to avoid overheating, for example by lowering the brightness.

A rather new feature also appears: Calm mode. In essence you will have less bright colors which have a dual purpose: not to overstimulate children or reduce stimulation for adult users before going to sleep.

The software

Sony Bravia XR A95L con Google TV 12 compressed

Then we have on board Google TV in version 12.
Sony does not abandon Big’s operating system as it is considered particularly convenient for the end user. The rule followed by the American company is in fact simple: Content First, i.e. “content first”. This is why the homepage suggests films, shows and TV series in line with your tastes or trending at that moment. Not to mention that you have the big advantage of add content to watch directly from your smartphone.

IMG 2629 compressed

In what sense? If you search, for example, Spider-Man Far From Home on Google you will have the possibility to click, both from mobile and desktop, on the item “I want to watch it“. A small gesture that allows you to find it on Google TV so you can have your watchlist quickly and above all without the need to only use the TV.
Google TV 12 then brings with it ua new interface, revised to be even clearer and more fluid.


Are the contents offered by streaming services not enough for you?
Sony we regala Bravia Core, an exclusive service present on the entire 2023 range. All. Not just the top of the range.
What is it about? In 1 or 2 years of free streaming which also includes tokens with which to redeem a handful of paid content.
After the subscription expires, which for Sony Bravia XR A95L is 24 months, you can continue to use it by paying €36.99 for 6 months of use and a maximum of 100 films. Really not bad.

The entertainment continues with PlayStation 5. Sony’s 4K QD-OLED TV pairs perfectly with your home console: we have a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the now inevitable VRR via HDMI 2.1, Low Input Lag and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), FPS/RTS Picture Mode to adapt the TV to real-time shooters and strategies and then Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.
Is it over here? Obviously not. There’s Dolby Vision Gaming and then a dedicated Game Menu for quick access to all the essential controls during a gaming session.

Do you have the console elsewhere? You can use the app PS Remote Play to play the titles you have on PS5 on your TV.

Remote controls and Bravia Cam

Sony Bravia XR A95L remote control test

Sony Bravia XR A95L comes with a new Bluetooth remote control. This year we have two extra buttons dedicated to YouTube and the increasingly popular Cruncyroll; there is no lack of backlighting, IPX2 certification so you can use it even with wet hands and even a buzzer that helps you find it if you have lost it.
Too minimal for your tastes? In the box you will also find the classic version with more buttons and all the numbers you need to change channels.

Then there is another accessory included that can potentially expand the use of the television: the Bravia Cam.
This is a webcam that you plug into the top of your screen and that allows you to make one-to-one video calls with Google Meet or group calls via Zoom.
The Bravia Cam, which can be darkened if necessary with the appropriate shutter, also performs other important functions. You can use it for control the TV with gestures, can detect the presence or absence of people in front of it for activate energy saving when necessarycan be used to visualize the proximity warning with which you explain to children that they must maintain an adequate distance from the TV and can optimize the viewing experience scanning the environment to understand where you are positioned.

An eye on sustainability

There are a couple of aspects that didn’t particularly surprise us. The first is the use of SORPLAS, a recycled fireproof plastic material created with the aim of reducing the consumption of virgin plastic; the second is cardboard packaging with less use of plastic and ink.

Sony Bravia XR A95L eco dashboard compressed

What surprised us however is the Eco Dashboard, a hub that helps you optimize energy consumption applying a series of precautions. The more eco-friendly you are, the more the digital tree on the Eco dashboard will flourish.

Il Sony Acoustic Centre Sync

Sony Acoustic Centre Sync compressed

Ok my audio?
Sony Bravia XR A95L uses technology Acoustic Surface Audio+. What does it mean? We have two actuators and two subwoofers that invisibly vibrate the screen to transform the entire panel into a speaker. All naturally aided by the processor which also intervenes in this case.

Sony Acoustic Centre Sync con subwoofer compressed

If you want to have something more, if you want to create a cinema experience, you can combine the TV with an A series soundbar which can take advantage of a system called Sony Acoustic Center Sync.
Nothing new, you might say.
And yet there is an interesting nuance.
While on some TVs the addition of the soundbar turns off the TV sound, this is not the case here. The systems work together intelligently. It adapts to the TV-soundbar combination you have chosen and sets the audio accordingly: if the TV is more advanced than the soundbar then the Acoustic Center Sync will delegate more things to the TV, otherwise the opposite will happen.
And no, you won’t have to go crazy to set it up because the soundbar connects to the TV with HDMI and a dedicated cable, that’s all. The rest can also be wireless, such as subwoofers and additional speakers.

We have tested the complete setup and we guarantee that no matter how good the TV audio is, noThere is no comparison with using the complete system which will make you feel like you’re at the cinema, with deep bass, clear speech and nuances of all kinds.

This is why Sony focuses on the video-audio combination, because alone they are great but together they are great.

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