Everything we know about Samsung Galaxy S23

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At the beginning of September, Apple announced its iPhones, at the beginning of October Google will present its Pixels. But what do we know instead of specifications and features of the next top of the range of Samsungthe new series Galaxy S23 (and Plus and Ultra)? There is no official information yet, but some speculations can make us understand what we can expect.

Everything we know about Samsung Galaxy S23: specs and rumors

Samsung is the first smartphone manufacturer in the world by number of smartphones sold, capable of dominating all markets with its products. So it is no surprise that its top-of-the-range smartphones set trends: the innovations it will introduce with the new Galaxy S23 series will also inspire many other manufacturers.

Finding out what the new Galaxy S series smartphones will offer helps us understand how the Android world evolves. And several indiscretions have already come out from authoritative sources, which however do not suggest revolutionary changes. Here’s everything we know so far.

When the new top of the Samsung range will be released

Apple is usually very specific in its launch dates: this year it was a week or two ahead of usual and made headlines. But when it comes to Samsung, there are fewer certainties.

In recent years the company has lent its S22 line (the current one) to Februarythe previous one (S21) a January. And going back we come up to the first of march.

For now we only know that the new Galaxy S23 will arriveo after the CES at the beginning of the year and by mid-March. But at the moment there is no precise information on the month.

Samsung Galaxy S23: il design

Insiders often find out about the design well in advance of its release. Different departments within a company need to see it, different companies want to know the shape (think who makes accessories). And then it becomes easier to find gods run online. But for now, there are no certainties.

From the first images, it looks like Samsung has decided to bring parts of the S22 Ultra design across the Galaxy S23 line. In particular, instead of the island in the upper left for the cameras, raised above the rest of the smartphone, this year we will see the cameras exit directly from the body.

While some renderings hypothesize a totally revolutionized design for Ultra, with a different arrangement of the cameras. But these renderings come from the description of the hardware and are unlikely to be identical to those we will see in the first months of next year.

samsung galaxy s23 specifiche design min

In front, however, it seems that Samsung wants to keep those tiny edges and a cut-out really small. The dimensions should increase slightly, at least for the S23 Plus model. Although it is still 6.6 inches diagonal, it will measure 157.7 x 76.1 x 7.6mm: same thickness but height and width greater than a few tenths of a millimeter. In short: a difference impossible to notice. We have no information on the dimensions of the other two models.

One thing that should instead remain the same for all three models is the speaker and the USB-C on the bottom. But there shouldn’t be huge design changes on all three models.

Samsung Galaxy S23: the technical specifications

A novelty that we should almost certainly see concerns the processor: we should see the new chip of Qualcommwhich should be called Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. We’re not sure yet – the chip company will hold its Snapdragon Summit keynote in mid-November. Instead, no Samsung Exynos variant of the chip, it seems that internal production cannot make up for this year.

However, it should be a chip 4 nanometers, which improve energy efficiency. As for the battery, it looks like S23 Ultra should have 5.000 mAh like last year. However, no confirmation for the base and Plus model, although it should remain similar to what we saw this year (3,700mAh for the base and 4,500 mAh for the Plus model).

Samsung Galaxy S23 3 min

200MP camera for the Ultra

The real big news, on the other hand, should concern the Samsung Galaxy S23 model camera, with really cool specs. We don’t know yet if it will be the sensor Samsung Isocell HP1 or a new generation (HP2?). But on the 200MP there seems to be an almost unanimous consensus among the leakers.

The Samsung Camera should have a mode for shoot at 200MP, but in all likelihood the “base” camera will do pixel binning to get to 12.5MP photographs. This should allow you to increase the camera’s capacity in the dark. For Galaxy S22 and S22 + the main 50MP sensor should remain unchanged.

It shouldn’t change the sensor Ultra-Wide da 12MPas well as the t10MP photos capable of 3x zoom. The Ultra model will still have a sensor 10MP periscopewhich the other two models will not have.

The front camera of the S23 and S23 + finally changes: a 12MP sensor (instead of the current 10MP). It should be the only sensor change for these two models, which have had the same cameras since 2019.

The price of the new top of the range Samsung

Finally, let’s talk about prices. It seems that Samsung has decided to no longer launch a FE series (Fan Edition) this year, because it did not have the expected success. There will therefore be a more obvious price jump between the Galaxy A line and the Galaxy S line.

As for the base model, we know that Apple hasn’t raised its US price by 799 dollars (tax-free) and it looks like Samsung can do the same, to compete only on Galaxy S23 specs and not on price. In Italy the base price of the S22 was 879 euroit remains to be seen whether it will be adjusted for the lower relative strength of the euro (but keep in mind that, compared to the iPhone, prices on Amazon drop faster).

The Apple, however, has raised the other lines and it is not clear if Samsung will do the same. Higher production costs and inflation could drive prices up, but it is still difficult to assess by how much. We will keep you informed as soon as we have further information.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra concept 7

In summary, it seems that too Samsung does not want to revolutionize their top-of-the-range smartphones. But it will bring a new, more efficient chip and above all it will tear Apple in the pixel challenge: if iPhone 14 Pro has a 48MP main sensor, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have 200MP. But it remains to be evaluated in the field who takes the best photographs.

By the end of 2022, more information will probably arrive, which will all remain unofficial until launch: so don’t rule out surprises. We will keep you updated with all the news leaked.