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Everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch

There has been talk of a possible for years now Google Pixel Watch, but the next few weeks could be decisive for the company’s expected smartwatch. Fan enthusiasm has been growing in the last few days thanks to some recent leaks and May 11 will take place on Google IO 2022 where, according to the CEO of the giant, new products will be shown: the hope that Google presents its smartwatch is really high. But here it is everything we know about the Google Pixel Watch a few weeks after its probable release.

Google Pixel Watch: is the release date getting closer?

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The new Pixel Watch it would be a great showcase for Wear OS 3, as Pixel smartphones are for the Android operating system: they show how Google’s software should work on a native device. The company unveiled a big update to the wearable device operating system last year, and the general idea, as a result, was that a Google smartwatch wasn’t that far off. After a year of difference, according to what the advances report, it looks like the Pixel Watch is finally coming.

An exact release date is not known yet, but some leaks claim it will be unveiled during the Google IO 2022a maggio. Furthermore, the device would have been identified in the inventory of a telephone operator in the United States, suggesting it is ready for sale. However, it must be said that the latest reports are a bit confusing. In fact, there are those who say that the chip shortage will push the launch of the Google Pixel Watch during the summer and others suggest that it will instead be available in October.

The design

From a design point of view, according to the renderings leaked over the months, the smartwatch should be circularwith a bezel-less display, devoid of physical buttons and with only one side crown. The renders also recreate the interface – the apps look very basic, suggesting that Google might go for a more elegant, minimalist design.

Google Pixel WatchPhoto credits: u/tagtech414 on Reddit.

An image allegedly leaked by Google’s marketing department was later disclosed. The photo confirms the lack of frame and the design minimale. Additionally, photos have leaked of what the Pixel Watch looks like in flesh and blood. They also confirm the black circular design, a thick structure and reduced edges, but they show a physical button and a proprietary strap connector. In addition, an operator from the USA has included the smartwatch available in the colors in his inventory gray, black and gold.

The technical specifications

Information on the specs of the new Google Pixel Watch is quite limited – one source suggests it will use a chipset a 5nm, but you have to take everything with a grain of salt. The inventory of the US operator shows 32GB of storage and the presence of one is suggested probable version with cellular network.

Possible watch faces for the Pixel Watch have also been leaked elsewhere, showing information such as the step count, heart rate and weather. Interestingly, one also includes a Fitbit logo, suggesting the Pixel Watch might incorporate some features of Fitbit.

evan blass google pixel watch fitbit minPhoto credits: 91Mobiles

There is other evidence that confirms a possible focus on fitness as well, both because Google bought Fitbit, and because the company sent out a survey asking people about the features they would like to see in Wear OS. These included the oxygenation monitoringsleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, stress tracking and many other health and fitness focused features.

WinFuture had also reported a while ago that there may be three versions of the Pixel Watch under development. It is not clear what the differences would be, but we could see the future three variants of the smartwatch and, according to reports, at least one would have 1GB of RAM.

Obviously all the information reported are advances and news leaked through external sources which, although reliable, are to be taken with a grain of salt. To discover all the features of the Google Pixel Watch all that remains is to wait for the official presentation which, hopefully, will happen very soon.

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