Excellent battery life and value for money: what Italians are looking for in a new smartphone

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When choosing a new smartphone, it is important to take into consideration and evaluate many aspects and features to be sure you are buying the one that best suits your needs. The global technology brand OnePlus led a researchconducted by OnePoll, on habits of the Italiansi just about theirs smartphonerevealing that more than one out of two Italians (55%) want an excellent drink from their smartphone battery life and good value for money.

PnePlus research reveals that men and women want different things from their smartphone

The desire for better performance for their battery makes everyone agree, but looking beyond Italian men and women have different preferences for their next smartphone, also depending on usage habits.

Among the most cited desires by men is what their smartphone works like remote control to control smart devices in your home (33%), 4% more than women. While the Italians dream of being able to have a device that allows them to take professional photos (43%) denoting a more creative than pragmatic use of one’s device.

Going to deepen the area of ​​interest linked to the photographic sector, the research reveals how women prefer to take pictures photos of people, whether they are family or friends, with a much higher percentage (36%) than men (22%) who, on the other hand, prefer to take pictures of breathtaking landscapes and panoramas. On the other hand, everyone agrees pets, which record almost the same percentage for men and women.

OnePlus research puts it at the center the battery: the ally for everything we want to do

And if the battery is the master of the determining factors for choosing a new smartphone, the fast charging (55%), il prezzo (53%) e an even faster user experience (45%) are positioned in second, third and fourth place, denoting an Italian buyer who is primarily attentive to the performance of the device, more to the design or the photo and audio sectors for example. With the claim “Everything you could wish for”, the new OnePlus Nord 3 5G promises to satisfy all the desires of Italians in terms of smartphones.

OnePlus Nord 3 5G

Il OnePlus Nord 3 5G is the most powerful device in the OnePlus Nord range yet, combining fast performance with stunning photography and a timelessly elegant OnePlus design. Thanks to a flagship-class MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset, up to 16GB of RAM, a 120Hz Super Fluid AMOLED display and a flagship-class camera, the device has pretty much everything you could want in a smartphone.

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