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Gateway for sending SMS: definition and advantages

Lately we often hear about gateways for sending SMS, a technology that allows you to send text messages in bulk to many phone numbers at the same time

The importance of SMS gateways in today’s digital landscape is paramount. While the adoption of messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram grows, SMS remain a universal means of communication, as they do not require the installation of specific apps and are accessible from most mobile phones, even the simplest ones. In many situations, especially in corporate or government contexts, the need to send notifications or information on a large scale makes the SMS gateway service an optimal solution. One of the most common applications of SMS gateways is in marketing. Businesses use SMS to send promotional offers, updates and alerts to their customers.

SMS gateway: what are the advantages

Using an SMS sending gateway has several advantages for companies. It starts from the wide coverage, which allows companies to reach customers anywhere in the world, this regardless of the mobile operator and geographical location. With the SMS gateway, you can also count on a message opening rate of up to 98%, which means that almost all messages sent in this way are opened by the recipients. When it comes to SMS gateways, high costs are not a problem, on the contrary. Sending messages with an SMS sending gateway allows you to save significant amounts of money compared to other communication methods, especially when it comes to sending mass messages on a large scale. With the Sms gateway, low costs and ease of use are just some of the advantages, think for example of the possibility, in many cases, of using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which allow companies to integrate the service with existing applications such as CRM and e-commerce. Last but not least, using an SMS gateway Italy allows you to send and receive text messages almost in real time. Finally, with this method you can customize messages based on the recipient, a determining factor when it comes to marketing. Finally, many gateways offer advanced security features, including encryption.

Gateway and SMS marketing: let’s clarify

An SMS gateway, as we have seen, is used to send and receive SMS messages on a large scale, acting somewhat as an intermediary between business applications and mobile networks. Among the various marketing strategies, SMS marketing has established itself as one of the most effective tools to reach the public in an immediate way. SMS marketing is a communication strategy that uses SMS (Short Message Service) to send promotional messages, alerts, special offers and other information directly to customers’ mobile phones. Thanks to its short and concise format, the SMS guarantees a high opening rate, making it a particularly effective tool for marketing campaigns. With this in mind, an article on the cost of SMS Marketing allows you to better understand all the opportunities.

Indeed, one of the most critical aspects of SMS marketing is the cost. A single SMS can have a minimal cost, while sending thousands of SMS clearly has a very different cost. Many gateway providers offer a variety of discounts that are based on volume, for example, making SMS marketing more affordable. Despite the cost, SMS marketing has a high open and conversion rate. This means that, if executed well, the initial investment can lead to a significant return in terms of sales or customer engagement. After all, in addition to the cost per message, companies must consider other potential costs, such as those associated with gateway integration, contact list management or customer responses. In conclusion, SMS marketing has costs that could be much more advantageous than other marketing channels. Finally, the ability to personalize and segment messages can affect the cost. Sending targeted messages to specific segments can increase campaign effectiveness and, as a result, improve ROI. Another aspect to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of SMS marketing is that, unlike other channels, they allow direct communication with the customer.