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Expanding CORSAIR’s Hydro X Series with iCUE LINK components

CORSAIR, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality computers, components and accessories for gaming enthusiasts, content creators and PC enthusiasts, today announced the latest updates to its beloved Hydro

Continuing their commitment to revolutionizing the world of DIY custom cooling, these new products are designed for seamless integration into the innovative iCUE LINK ecosystem, bringing dramatic improvements to cooling performance and overall design.

With the introduction of the iCUE LINK XD5 RGB ELITE LCD pump/reservoir unit and iCUE LINK creating superior custom cooling systems.

Expanding CORSAIR's Hydro X Series with iCUE LINK components Expanding CORSAIR's Hydro X Series with iCUE LINK components

CORSAIR expands the Hydro X series with iCUE LINK.

Following the success of the CORSAIR XD5 RGB and the recent launch of the XD5 RGB ELITE, the iCUE LINK This unit features a 2.1″ IPS LCD display integrated into the pump body, an unprecedented feature in the market, with a resolution of 480×480 that displays the coolant temperature in real time and can play images or animated GIFs .

The integration of revolutionary iCUE LINK technology into the XD5 RGB ELITE LCD It greatly simplifies assemblyeliminating traditional MOLEX connectors and improving connectivity, while reducing cable clutter.

With the Xylem D5 PWM pump motor ensuring reliability, this unit XD5 RGB ELITE LCD offers performance, convenience and elegance. It is available in two color variations, Stealth Gray e Whiteboth with a gunmetal gray zinc alloy finish.

The new GPU water blocks CORSAIR iCUE LINK XG7 RGB 40-SERIES they represent the latest addition in this new era of simplified assembly. Compared to their predecessors, these new XG7 RGB models introduce immediate support for iCUE LINK connectivity, marking a significant step forward. These full coverage water blocks offer optimal performance and low temperatures. Furthermore, the XG7 RGB series stands out for its versatility, offering a wide range of connectivity options to meet the needs of various DIY assemblers. In the near future, additional models designed to ensure compatibility with a growing variety of graphics cards will be introduced.

Revolutionizing the concept of circuit design, the all-new mesh hose Hydro X Series XT represents an extraordinary innovation realized in resistant EPDM rubber. The particular external texture offers an unprecedented combination of resistance and aesthetics, thus redefining the concept of style in custom cooling systems. Available in black and white variants, this hose combines durability and stunning design.

Expanding CORSAIR's Hydro X Series with iCUE LINK components

CORSAIR’s new Hydro X innovations: performance and style

With the introduction of these new innovations, CORSAIR continues to refine the Hydro X Series range to meet the ever-growing needs of DIY enthusiasts. With the Hydro Just as iCUE LINK allows you to join components together using a unified connection standard, the new Hydro X series carries forward this synergy of excellence in terms of performance and design.

I waterblock per GPU CORSAIR iCUE LINK XD5 RGB ELITE LCD, iCUE LINK XG7 RGB 40-SERIES and Hydro These products come with a three-year warranty and are supported by a highly trained CORSAIR global customer service and technical support team. To find out the updated prices of water blocks for GPU iCUE LINK XD5 RGB ELITE LCD, iCUE LINK XG7 RGB 40-SERIES and Hydro X Series XT mesh hoses, please see the CORSAIR website.

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