Explorer 3000 Pro, the first power station controllable via app

Explorer 3000 Pro, la prima power station controllabile via app thumbnail

The family of Pro products by Jackery acquires a new strong component: the Explorer 3000 Prowith a storage capacity of 3024 watt hours, is not only the most powerful power station from the leading California-based portable energy solutions company. As Jackery’s first power station, the new model can also be controlled via app.

The new Explorer 3000 Pro is the first power station that can be controlled via app

«As the latest model, the Explorer 3000 Pro is not only our most powerful power station to date, but also the first with app control. This allows users to access all relevant data at any time via their smartphone. Furthermore, the goal was to have a balanced ratio of power, weight and mobility, so the power station is around 30% lighter than devices with comparable capacity,” he says Ricky Ma, head of EMEA.

Explorer 3000 Pro: versatile, safe and mobile

As a solar generator, the 3000 Pro offers easy and especially mobile access to clean energy. To this end, the power station is equipped with eight front ports – three sockets Schuko (230 volts), due USB-A (Quick Charge 3.0, 18 W), due USB-C (100 W) and a socket from 12 volt.

With a capacity of 3.024 kWh, a continuous power output of 3000 watts and a peak power output of up to 6000 watts, the power supplied is sufficient to power even high-drain devices. The power station works reliably even in cold environments with temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius and thanks to its silent mode generates only 30 dB of noise.

The Explorer 3000 Pro offers different ways of charging. Jackery supplies the device with a high-quality power cable for direct connection to electrical outlets, allowing for a complete recharge in less than two hours. Also included is a charging cable that supplies new energy via a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet.

Come solar generator, the 3000 Pro comes with one, two, or more Jackery SolarSaga 200 mobile PV modules, making it highly self-sufficient as well. With favorable sunshine, in combination with six 200 watt Jackery solar panels, the battery can be fully recharged in just three to four hours.

The Jackery new app for smartphones provides a wealth of information, including the current state of charge, input and output power, and active ports. Explorer 3000 Pro owners can also adjust settings such as charging speed and how long the LCD screen stays on. Additionally, the app can update the power station’s firmware to improve efficiency and add new features and functionality. Finally, the app includes a digital user manual.

Price and availability

The Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro can be purchased at the price of 3.299 Euro. The official market launch will take place on April 20, 2023. Packages are also available, such as the 3000 Pro 400 W Solar Generator which includes two SolarSaga 200 solar panels for 4,499 Euros, or with four SolarSaga 200 for 5,699 Euros.

Jackery offers a 5 year warranty on both products. In addition, all customers who pre-order the Jackery Explorer 3000 Pro or Solar Generator 3000 Pro via Jackery’s online shop between 17 and 19 April will receive a free Decathlon voucher worth 100 Euros.