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Express Air Fry Mini Oven, the small but powerful oven

In ever smaller domestic environments and with shared spaces or for singles or couples fresh from living together, Russell Hobbs has thought of an innovative product, capable of satisfying everyone’s needs: the new oven Express Air Fry Mini Oven.

Express Air Fry Mini Oven, small and powerful

The Russell Hobbs signature oven is equipped with convection technology and uses a circulating air flow to ensure quick and even cooking of food, for a perfect result at both lunch and dinner.

Also, thanks to technology Water Fryuses high-intensity hot air to cook, brown and make food crispy with little or no oil. In practice you could have two products (i.e. foven and air fryer) into one.

The power of Express Air Fry Mini Oven stands at 1500 Watt and can count on five different functions: the aforementioned Air Fry, Baking, Grill, Toast and Keep Warm.

The design features a main body in stainless steel and a large internal capacity from 20 liters. The useful capacity stands on 12 liters, making it suitable for holding a pizza of about 30 cm or a whole chicken. Among the accessories supplied we find: the pan, the tray and the oven rack, which can be positioned in three positions for maximum flexibility.

Why choose the Express Air Fry Mini Oven?

Because it will no longer be necessary to choose between space and functions, leaving the compromises aside. Furthermore, in comparison with a traditional oven, the Express Air Fry Mini Oven has a pre-heat four times fasterwhile from the point of view of energy efficiency, it offers a saving of 63% compared to a traditional oven.

We summarize the characteristics of this oven thanks to the data sheet:

  • convection technology;
  • Air Fy technology;
  • power: 1500 Watt;
  • internal capacity 20 liters (useful 12 litres);
  • five functions available (Air Fry, baking, Grill, Keeping warm);
  • accessories: pan, tray and oven rack;
  • 60 minute timer;
  • external crumb tray for easy cleaning;
  • recommended retail price: 169 euros;
  • pre-heating 4 times faster than traditional oven;
  • energy efficiency: 63% higher than traditional oven.
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