EZVIZ BM1 review: the latest generation “extravagant” looking baby monitor

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In this article, we will test and review the brand new EZVIZ BM1 wireless baby monitor for you. The first baby monitor from EZVIZ

Founded in 2013, EZVIZ is a brand dedicated to creating a safe environment. Convenient and intelligent for its users through smart devices, a cloud-based platform and AI technologies.

EZVIZ’s innovative products and services can be used in homes, workplaces, shops, schools and more. EZVIZ allows partners to share unique cloud services to build a thriving IoT ecosystem. In this article I’m going to introduce you to the brand new EZVIZ BM1 baby monitor.

EZVIZ BM1 review: The baby monitor with the looks "extravagant" last generation


Wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your baby with EZVIZ’s first Baby Monitor. An advanced camera and EZVIZ Artificial Intelligence technology combined in one handy service tool fun looking, easy to use and safe for the child.

You will have the option to receive instant notifications if your child needs you or when an important event occurs. Let EZVIZ help you take care of your baby anytime, day or night, making your life easier.

Among the strengths of this EZVIZ branded product we find:

  • Cry detection
  • Notifications in case the baby leaves the cot
  • Child activity detection (based on a human shape detection algorithm)
  • Automatic playback of musical lullabies
  • Battery that lasts all night¹ (2000 mAh)
  • Clear night vision with no visible lights
  • Remote viewing with Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Ability to listen and speak
  • Easy setup
  • Smart integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • It supports micro SD cards (up to 256GB) and EZVIZ Cloud storage
  • Strict data and privacy protection

Packaging and unboxing | EZVIZ BM1 Review

Let’s start with the packaging. The baby monitor box is quite large but very compact. Pink in color, the box features the EZVIZ company name on the front, with the product name highlighted and a double image of the product; both in its entirety and during use.

On the sides we find the description of the components, the assembly method, and the various functions. On the back, however, we find the model of the device with the barcode and company information.

Inside | EZVIZ BM1 Review

By opening the package, we can finally extract our Rabbit baby monitor into its 2 main components. THEThe device is positioned by interlocking in the upper part of the package so that it cannot move and be damaged during transport.

In the lower part of the package, we find the charging cable and obviously the inevitable user manual with QR code to be able to download it from a smartphone. Finally, there is also a leaflet with the assembly of the components.

EZVIZ BM1 review: The baby monitor with the looks "extravagant" last generation

Technical characteristics | EZVIZ Smart Lock Review

Below are the main technical characteristics of the EZVIZ BM1 “Baby Monitor Rabbit”:

  • Product dimensions and weight: ‎24 x 69 x 2,5 cm; 100 grammi
  • Pile: ‎1 Li-ion (Type of battery required)
  • Stile: ‎Rabbit
  • Material :Skin
  • Power type: ‎Battery powered
  • Voltage: ‎5 Volt
  • Wattage: ‎5 Watt-hours
  • Components included: ‎Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Camera with articulated and magnetic base and micro SD slot

Materials and Design | EZVIZ BM1 Review

Now I will focus on product design. As far as the aesthetic part is concerned, I can say that I was quite satisfied, as I had never seen a baby monitor similar to this one. Fun design; very nice to see, with excellent choice of colors. It’s not too big and has this “bunny” shape that’s perfect for kids.

The materials seem really resistant to the touch and there is no feeling of fragility that one might feel in other similar products. With the guarantee of the use of non-toxic silicone material and the absence of sharp edges on the camera body, BM1 is safe to use in any children’s space. The device has been made of material that is 100% safe for the whole family; for this reason the “Rabbit” is CE, FCC and RohS certified which guarantee the highest quality and safety at European and International level.

EZVIZ BM1 review: The baby monitor with the looks "extravagant" last generation

Tests | EZVIZ BM1 Review

Now let’s move on to the most important part of all, the testing phase of our product. I have done several tests of this baby monitor. I can say that the EZVIZ BM1 performed well during all tests, albeit with some limitations. So I can say that I am quite satisfied with the final result.

Let’s start from the beginning; the installation of the app was very simple and fast (you don’t even need to use the home wi-fi). Even an impractical person, in a few minutes, would be able to install and understand how to quickly activate the various functions offered. Through this app, I was able to activate all the baby monitor functions and access them whenever I needed it.

Technical details | EZVIZ BM1 Review

This small baby monitor is really very interesting for several factors related above all to its design and functionality. I was very impressed by both its size and its design. It is a very small camera, covered in a soft, rubbery casing; which allows it to fit perfectly into a child’s room.

A really positive note is given by the clip to hook it to the cradle (and not only that, it also adapts to the edge of a bed or can be placed in strategic points of the room). Also, of course, covered in BPA-free and therefore non-toxic plastic. Thanks to this clamp and its large opening, we can focus it on the area we want and thus cover the area of ​​the cradle we want.

The wireless camera is equipped with an internal 2000 mAh battery which allows it to be used anywhere, without having to worry about whether or not there is a power outlet nearby. The fact that there are no “flying” wires around the room I consider a great advantage.

Among the positive notes, also the battery life, which after charging (quite fast too) manages to remain active even throughout the night. On the other hand, the advice is to always keep an eye on his charge; so you don’t download it when you need it most.

Operation | EZVIZ BM1 Review

The baby monitor transmits the real-time image to our app, by sending notifications of the baby’s movements or crying to our mobile phone; which is really very useful, even if, being a single notification, you risk not hearing it.

Obviously, the device works bidirectionally. In a nutshell, it allows us to hear / see what our child is doing, but at the same time, it gives us the opportunity to interact with him. Specifically, it allows us to send sounds for the baby to listen to, or even send reassuring messages by making him listen to our voice.

This device also allows us to activate the music function; in a nutshell, when it detects the baby’s crying, it automatically activates the music to calm him down. In my opinion a really very interesting option.

In any case, its main function of capturing images and its motion sensor work very well and very clearly. Obviously, to see the videos clearly and precisely, you need a good internet connection. I also tested the device in low light areas, and the result was very good thanks to the night vision. The monitor is also equipped with an SD slot that accepts cards with capacities up to 255 Gb for storing your videos.

EZVIZ BM1 review: The baby monitor with the looks "extravagant" last generation

Final considerations

I can say that I am quite satisfied with this EZVIZ product. Operation, in general, is quite excellent. The convenience of being able to open the control of your children quickly and smartly is truly incredible; for example you can make your voice heard simply through the app by observing everything through the cam. Or again, activate the music to make them fall asleep again, in complete comfort. The only (but great) limitations of this device are given by the fact that:

  • it is a fixed camera; there’s no ability to move the lens to see a bit of your surroundings, while looking in its app.
  • You can’t have audio open without the camera not picking up audio from your cell phone;
  • The camera only gives cry alerts with a notification, and you can’t hear it all the time. There is a possibility that this alert will go unnoticed without you realizing it.

As for the price, looking closely at the work done during my various tests, I think it’s a little high; probably the right would have been not to exceed the price of 100.00 euros.

And you? What do you think of this new EZVIZ home baby monitor ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to techgameworld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

Plus points

  • Quick and simple installation
  • tons of new features
  • Excellent video quality

Points against

  • Non motion camera
  • Single and non-repeating notifications
  • Price to be reviewed
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