F1 2021 lancia “After the Apex” con Daniel Ricciardo

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Codemasters ed Electronic Arts presented today the first episode of After the Apex, with Daniel Ricciardo, for the launch of F1 2021. The four-part miniseries alternates animation and real life interviews of the Formula One driver, telling him on and off the circuit.

After The Apex, the series with Daniel Ricciardo for the launch of F1 2021

Formula 1 fascinates many people all over the world. The pilots whiz at speeds unattainable for most fans, who they feel all the adrenaline when their heroes correct a curve or recover an off-track. As if they were in the car with them.

But with the new F1 2021 After The Apex initiative, they can also get to know the human aspect of the drivers, knowing them even off the track. As he explains Paul Jeal, Senior Franchise Director of Codemasters. “Working with our partners at EA SPORTS we are excited to explore new avenues and create content that gives our players a unique, off-track look of their F1 heroes. We have several new features planned for the rest of the series, and we can’t wait to share them in the coming months ”.

F1 2021 review

If in addition to knowing the best drivers you also want to drive their cars, albeit in the safety of your living room, F1 2021 promises to deliver the most realistic experience driving and more. Indeed in the mode Braking Point you can experience a story that expands career mode by offering two players the chance to meet and compete. To increase the realism also comes the Real-Season Start, which allows you to enter the race and follow the rankings in real time of the most important car race in the world.

To find out all the news, you can go to the official website of the game.

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