F1: live TV schedules and streaming of the Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo

Matteo De Filippi

The Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo and in this article we will tell you the times of the live TV and streaming of the F1 race. Let’s find out where to see it

The new Big prize the world championship is just around the corner and while waiting to find out how the various drivers will behave with their single-seaters, let’s make a small summary of what has happened up to now. Before postponement of the GP of Emilia Romagna in Imola, due to the bad weather that has hit the region these days, Max Verstappen he had signed his own third victory in the world championship after a comeback that was nothing short of amazing thanks to a Red Bull that was perfect in all circumstances.

In second place an excellent Sergio Perez who practically dominated the whole race, except for the overtaking suffered while he was in the pits by his teammate. Anonymous Ferrari race, unable to make concrete steps forward with the new fund. Precisely in this sense we should have seen one new change for Imolabut the postponement of the GP blew everything up and Monaco, as we know, is a track in itself requires a very special set-up.

We remember that Sky Italia holds the TV rights for everything concerning the F1 world championship and the world championship. Practice, qualifying and races are therefore broadcast live on Sky Sport F1 channels, Sky Sports One e in streaming su NOW TV, the company’s online platform. Enthusiasts will also be able to follow the reruns of the races on TV8, the free-to-air digital terrestrial channel. Now let’s move on to the reason why you arrived on this page. What are the times of the live TV and streaming of the Monaco F1 GP that will take place in Monte-Carlo? Here’s everything you need to know.

F1: live TV schedules and streaming of the Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo

All times of live TV and streaming of F1 (and not only) for the Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo

A rich program awaits us this weekend. For simplicity we have decided to divide the events according to the category so that everyone can see what interests them most. Let’s start from Porsche SuperCup and let’s see what the appointments are for this category:

  • Thursday 25 May – 16:25 free practice
  • Friday 26th May – 18:40 qualifying
  • Sunday 28 May – 11:55 am race

Now let’s move on to F3 and to F2:

  • Thursday 25 May – 1.25 pm free practice 1 F3 / 2.55 pm free practice 1 F2
  • Friday 26th May – 11:00 am F3 qualifying / 3:05 pm F2 qualifying
  • Saturday 27 May – ore 10:55 sprint race F3 / ore 14:10 sprint race F2
  • Sunday 28 May – ore 7:55 sprint race F3 / ore 9:40 Formula race F2

Here is now the program relating to the most famous category, namely the F1:

  • Friday 26th May – 1.30 pm free practice 1 / 5.00 pm free practice 2
  • Saturday 27 May – 12:30 free practice 3 / hours 16:00 qualifications (delayed from 18:30 on TV8)
  • Sunday 28 May – ore It’s 3:00 p.m (delayed from 6pm on TV8)

F1: live TV schedules and streaming of the Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo

Where to follow the events?

As previously mentioned, the weekend of the F1 world championship can be followed on the channels Sky Sport F1, Sky Sports One e in streaming su NOW TV. Not only F1 though! By subscribing to NOW TV, we will be able to enjoy the show of MotoGP world championship and of the other car championshipsi NBA playoffs in their final stage, 3 Serie A matches per round and all great spectacle of European footballin addition to the best tennis tournaments and many other sports al cost of €14.99 per month. For those who want to subscribe or just want more information, can do it via the following link.

These were all the live TV and streaming times of f1 for what will be the Monaco GP in Monte-Carlo. Who do you think will get the win? Let us know in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow TechGameWorld.com!