Face ID comes to Chromebooks

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According to some recent rumors, Google may add the Face ID and other camera-based interaction options to the next Chromebook e Chrome OS. 9to5Google has reported some advances according to which the company is working to integrate a “human presence sensor” to the devices with functions similar to those of the Hello camera of Windows 10 and 11. For the moment we have no details about it, but we can identify the direction towards which Google is moving.

Chromebook: New devices will have facial recognition

The human presence sensor – HPS – has already appeared in multiple Chromium Gerrit rumors, with Google specifying that the sensor will enable a new eye icon in the system tray. While it is unclear what this icon will mean, it is certain that Google will want to use it as a form of indication that the presence sensor is in use. Looking at the Hello functionality of Windows 10 and 11, we hypothesized some applications. The sensor could be used in conjunction with biometric authentication of the face, speeding up the login process by detecting the presence of the owner who approaches their device. Or it could be used for keep the screen active while the owner is sitting in front of it. Just like the Pixel Proximity Sensor and Nest Hub work too.

Furthermore, as anticipated, it seems that the human presence sensor may soon be added to Google devices. More specifically, the sensor is being tested with the “Zork” card, the configuration used for the current generation of Chromebook with AMD technology. And then again the giant has tested HPS with “Brya”, which is the configuration for devices with the next 12th generation Intel processors. In short, facial recognition will be possible, but not for all future Chromebook devices. Google may decide to work with select manufacturers, or to release another piece of hardware. We still don’t know what will happen, but there is no doubt that this is an incredible novelty.

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