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Facebook changes its name to Meta

Today Facebook announced that it had changed the name of the company to Meta.

Facebook changes its name: from today the company is called Meta

Facebook changes its name to Meta. This is the news of the day, reported by CNBC, which officially confirms a re-branding of the company that was in the air for a few weeks. It is in fact an announcement expected since Facebook Connect, an event in which the company had announced imminent changes. The new name sounds a lot like a mission statement, and seems to confirm the company’s recent and growing ambitions regarding the metaverso. Objectives confirmed by the CEO himself Mark Zuckerberg, who stated in this regard:

“Today we are perceived as a social media company, but in our DNA we are more: we are a company that uses technology to connect people. The next frontier is the metaverse, as was the social network when we started “

As of December 1, the company will also change its share title, from FB to MVRS. In the meantime, in a very few hours, Meta’s share price increased by more than 3%.

A transition that began in the summer

It all started in July, when the company announced the formation of a team that would work on a new project: the metaverse. Two months later Andrew “Boz” Bosworth was promoted from head of the hardware division to the role of chief technology officer. Finally, this week, the company announced that Reality Labs, the internal hardware division, will be segmented into reporting operations, starting in the fourth quarter.

“Our hope is that the metaverse will reach a billion people within the next decade. We expect it to host digital commerce and media jobs for millions of creators and developers, ”commented Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s recent years have been studded with diversification operations. The company has indeed introduced numerous hardware devices, such as glasses Ray-Ban Stories and the line Portal. The company has concentrated numerous efforts also and above all on augmented reality, such as in the development of viewers Oculus. The idea is that this technology will be an integral part of the Zuckerbergian metaverse.
According to CNBC, in fact, Meta is about to launch a brand new virtual reality viewer, which should be called Cambria. The device will be a high-end product, scheduled for release in 2022.

Numerous rumors are also circulating about what it is called Nasaray project. According to many rumors it would be the code name of the first smart glasses fully compatible with augmented reality.

Facebook changes its name: why this re-branding?

It is not easy to abandon your name, especially when this is synonymous with a brand that has represented a success story. According to CNBC, the rebranding comes after the scandals that emerged from the revelations of Frances Haugen. According to the portal, it cannot be excluded that the wave of negative publicity influenced a choice that, however, was probably already the subject of discussion within the company.

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