Facebook Messenger and Instagram: no encryption until 2023

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Meta seems to have postponed the arrival of the end-to-end encryption by default its Facebook Messenger e Instagram until the 2023. The reason is security: Meta doesn’t want this function to limit the checking of possibles criminal activities on the two social platforms.

Facebook Messenger and Instagram won’t have end-to-end encryption by default until 2023

In un post di The Telegraph, Antigone Davis (head of Meta security) explained the reasons for the possible delay in encryption for the messaging platform, which since last year allows you to text on both Facebook and Instagram. In end-to-end encryption, only the sender and recipient of the message have the ability to see the content of the message. Meta, on the other hand, would like to understand how to use alternative tools to stop possible criminal activities.

In fact, when encryption becomes the standard for conversations, Meta “will use a combination of unencrypted data in their apps, account information and user reports“To continue to protect users but” aiding public safety efforts “.

This much-discussed topic is part of the decision of several governments (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Japan) to ask for the ability to access encrypted conversations through a mandate. The British Minister of the Interior Priti Patel explained the British government’s disappointment with Facebook’s end-to-end encryption. That would go against the Safety Bill proposed by the British government, which would like greater commitment of platforms to protect minors online. “Sadly, while we are trying to take more action, Facebook continues to pursue its plans for encryption that endangers all our work.”

This decision will cause much debate, with online privacy activists strongly criticizing these positions. We will keep you informed of possible developments.