Facebook stops supporting podcasts

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Facebook resigns there Podcast. The social network, about a year after the launch of the service dedicated to podcasts, is preparing to eliminate these contents from the platform to devote itself to other functions. In fact, starting from June 3rd, podcasts will no longer be supported on Facebook. Here are the details:

Facebook says goodbye to podcasts after just one year

Facebook’s adventure in the podcast sector ends after about a year. Confirmation came from Bloomberg. The social network, in fact, announced the discontinuation of podcast support which will be progressively removed from the platform. Furthermore, already this week, creators will not be able to add new podcasts. Note that the opt-out of podcasts will not be notified by Facebook to its users. It will be up to individual publishers to choose how to communicate the content removal. It should be noted that Live Audio Rooms, a service launched as an alternative to Clubhouse (the social becoming trendy last year for a short period), will be integrated into Facebook Live allowing users to choose whether to do live with audio and video or only with audio.

The focus is on the metaverse

The goal of Meta, the company behind Facebook, is to focus efforts and resources on the metaverse which will represent the future of the company’s operations. Podcasts have not been particularly successful on social media and, therefore, the feature will be removed after just one year. We’ll see what Facebook’s next moves will be.

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