Facebook: il cambio di nome in Meta non ha portato buoni risultati thumbnail

Facebook: the name change to Meta did not bring good results

The name change with the change to the new Meta name did not bring luck to Facebook. The company, the absolute reference in the social network sector, has to deal with a sharp decline in its market value linked to various elements. In particular, the new privacy rules applied by Apple and in the future by Google are causing many problems for the company known until a few months ago as Facebook. It should also be noted that the very slight decline in users recorded in North America has contributed to making things worse in the eyes of investors.

The decline of Facebook continues since it took the name Meta

The loss of value recorded by Meta over the last few weeks is significant. The company, in fact, recorded a net decline in shares (down by about 30%) which translates into one loss of value of 500 billion dollars. The fault of Facebook’s decline is clearly not connected to the company’s name change, with the transition to Meta, but to a market that, for the near future, could be much more hostile than expected.

The first data of the metaverse

The platform Horizon World in the meantime, di Meta achieves a first milestone. The service has exceeded the threshold of 300 thousand subscribers since its launch in early December in the US and Canada. This is a first step towards a future which, in the company’s plans, should be characterized by much greater numbers.

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