Facebook: the Technical Director leaves the company after 13 years

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A long-time job that of Mike Schroepfer, who resigned from his position as Chief Technology of Facebook after 13 years. In its place a somewhat controversial character.

Mike Schroepfer leaves Facebook after 13 years

Facebook is about to close an important chapter in its history. As reported by CNBC, the chief technology officer of the social network, Mike Schroepfer, resigned from his role. The abandonment comes to the crown of a 13-year career employed by Mark Zuckerberg. According to the engadget portal, Schroepfer will move to a part-time position as the company’s first Senior Fellow next year.

The now former CTO stated, through a Facebook post, that the reasons are to be given to the desire to spend more time with his family and devote himself to philanthropy. He said he was extremely enthusiastic about the work done and confident in the future of the brand. Also Mark Zuckerberg wanted to thank the outgoing executive, calling him “a key figure and a close friend”. Schroepfer joined Facebook in 2008 as vice president of engineering. Subsequently, in 2013, he became CTO, a position he has held until today.

Andrew “Boz” Bosworth: a somewhat controversial character

To succeed him in the role of Technical Director will be Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, currently in charge of the hardware sector. According to engadget, the handover will be gradual and not sudden. The choice shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the direction Facebook has taken in recent months. The brand is in fact channeling a lot of energy into the hardware sector, with the design of VR viewers, Portal devices, smart glasses and other gadgets.

It must be said that Bosworth has more than one controversy behind him. In 2016, several internal memos, signed by him, leaked in which he believed that the growth of the brand should take place at all costs, even at the cost of accepting dangerous messages on the social network. Ideas not too disavowed in 2020, when he expressed his reluctance in Facebook’s decision to verify sources of a political nature. Boz recently claimed to have changed his mind, but his profile is still that of a man with little sensitivity to privacy and disinformation issues.

We’ll see if Bosworth’s new role will help Facebook progress in its transition from a social network to a full-fledged metaverse.