FACT launches a campaign on the risks of illegal streaming

FACT lancia una campagna sui rischi dello streaming illegale con il supporto di Jakidale e Arianna Chieli thumbnail

FACTone of the leading European associations for the protection of intellectual property, has launched a new campaign with the support of content creators Jakidale and Arianna Chieli. The goal of this campaign launched by FACT is to highlight the risks related to illegal streaming of television and film content. Here are the details about this new campaign:

The FACT campaign focuses on the risks of illegal streaming

The new FACT campaign aims to clarify i Risks of Illegal Streaming. According to data collected by the independent analytics firm Opinium, nearly half of the respondents pointed out that they saw extreme or explicit pop-ups while illegally streaming content.

In addition, about one third of those interviewed said they had received requests for personal information. Of note, 40% of those who accessed illegal content confirmed they were willing to share personal information for access.

30% of respondents who have used illegal streaming services say they have actually suffered fraud. As highlighted by the video supporting the FACT campaign starring Jakidale and Arianna Chieli, Downloading unknown software carries the risk of running into malware and having to deal with the dangers of hacking and fraud.

The comment of the protagonists

The content creators Arianna Chieli and Jakidale take part in the campaign. In support of the campaign, Arianna Chieli he claims: “It is clear how important it is to educate your children in the conscious use of the Internet: we often forget how dangerous it can be to leave children in front of a device without knowing what could happen. Illegal streaming hides countless pitfalls. “

jakidale adds: “Piracy is something very dangerous. Not only our data are at risk, but our personal life as well. Today it is possible to enjoy audiovisual content in a legal way, at any time and on any device. It is important to underline the importance of a correct digital and technological education in order to help children – but not only – to always behave correctly online. “

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