FairePay, scan a QR Code and get a loan of up to 20 thousand euros

FairePay, inquadrate un QR Code e ottenete un prestito fino a 20mila euro thumbnail

FairePay is a new tool for Italian retail SMEs, which allows access to loans from 2 to 20 thousand euros in 48 hours: just scan a QR Code. In this way, customers can pay in installments for their purchase by accessing a personal loan directly at the points of sale, with an entirely digital process.

FairePay, loan of up to 20 thousand euros with a QR Code

FairePay is a faire.ai product, which allows you to access the loan in a very simple way. Within the affiliated commercial activities, you will find a QR Code that you have to frame with your smartphone. In this way you will enter the FairePay WebApp.

Here you can choose the desired amount and evaluate a payment installment plan, which gives a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 72 months. Now you can connect your current account via Fabricreality of Open Finance.

Linking your account allows you to access transactional data directly from the faire.ai platform, which has APIs that analyze your history. This way the app can assess the sustainability of the loan and send the request.

You will not have to show any income documents, such as a pay slip. Just conclude with your request and confirm your identity, utusing the SPID.

Quick and immediate loan, to buy what you want and never miss an opportunity.

There are also many advantages for SMEs. In fact, customers are increasingly asking to access Buy Now Pay Later services, to defer purchases. Adopting a solution like FairePay increases possible sales.

As he explains Gianluigi Davassi, CEO and co-founder of faire.ai “There is a large slice of the world of small and medium-sized enterprises that until now has not been able to offer in-store deferred payment solutions and which, for this reason, have always seen their business opportunity. It is precisely in this context that FairePay wants to act as a disruptive element. Just as Scalapay and Klarna have revolutionized the world of e-commerce with installment payments, we want to become a point of reference for Italian retail companies, making consumer credit an opportunity for growth “.

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