Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: announced the start date of Season 6

Fall Guys season 6, a tender battle royale of falls and tumbles, is very close to its starting date

Fall Guys, released just over a year, continues to be successful among gamers, who find themselves looking for more innovative elements regarding the battle royale genre. Being now a field by now quite saturated with games, the birth of a title like Fall Guys, albeit highly inspired by television programs such as the Japanese transmission Takeshi’s Castle and the American Wipe Out, has brought a rather welcome breath of fresh air within the community. This month Fall Guys will update with the new Season 6, and its start date appears to be also very close.

The news and the confirmation on the starting date of Season 6 of Fall Guys

Only Wednesday Mediatonic, the indie studio developer of the game, has had the opportunity to unveil the new additions that can be found in this new season: there will be game events, various rewards and exclusive cosmetics, such as the skin of the protagonist di Ghost of Tsushima, and of Sackboy, new levels and many other new features. Players will be able to tackle a variety of obstacles and courses, and limited-time events available since the launch of the season.

It will be possible to hang onto a trapeze from which to then jump, and some mini-games will lead users to fight within a glowing circle. The presence of giant fans, wind tunnels and cannons will slow down the run of the unfortunate characters, and if the Great Yeetus was already feared in previous editions, then it will be necessary to prepare: a section will be inserted with three of these frightening creatures.

After the success of Season 5, based on jungle themes, the new season seems to be more about a madly celebratory atmosphere. Season 6 of Fall Guys will in fact be called “Party Spectacular”, and its starting date has been set for November 30th. If you want to take advantage of this new season to introduce yourself to the game in question, you can find it on Steam, PS4 and PS5, while a possible arrival on Xbox is still unknown.

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