FamilyHelp.AI: how to help caregivers in remote care

FamilyHelp.AI: la soluzione per aiutare i caregiver nell'assistenza da remoto thumbnail

FamilyHelp.AI is the solution that aims at offer caregivers an effective way to take care of their loved ones with remote assistance. By combining voice assistant, app and artificial intelligence, it is possible to remotely support those with special needs, especially the elderly, guaranteeing them greater autonomy. Developing FamilyHelp.AI is the startup emiliana eDialog, founded last February by Enrico Paccini and Stefano Ubaldi and based in Fidenza.

FamilyHelp.AI: caregivers can provide assistance remotely

FamilyHelp.AI allows you to program, via app, smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Homand to be placed in the home of the patient who will be able to interact vocally. This system allows the monitoring of symptoms, the measurement of vital signs, the management of drug therapy and guarantees the possibility of being able to count on reminder systems to simplify everyday life. For the caregiver, directly from the mobile phone, there is the possibility di follow the daily life of your relative remotely. With the Personal Healt System project, the goal is to encourage people’s independence and simplify the role of Caregivers as much as possible.

Enrico Paccini, CEO and co-founder of eDialog, points out: In life we ​​are or will all be caregivers. Perhaps in the future we will also need it. This simple reflection, the result of the difficult pandemic phase, pushed us to use artificial intelligence at the service of the person to create an empathic relationship with those in need, eliminating digital architectural barriers through the smart speaker. The technology developed for the application, which will arrive on the market in spring 2022, is aimed at companies operating at various levels in the field of home care, with customizations related to different needs and pathologies “.

The numbers of caregivers in Italy

According to ISTAT data for May 2021, they are over 12 million people between 18 and 64 yearsi (about 34% of the population) who look after children under 15, sick relatives, disabled or elderly people. It should also be noted that, among the employed, almost 40% of 18-64 year-olds carry out nursing duties. In Italy, the over 65s are about 14 million. Nearly 30% of seniors live alone with 8.9% having no children.