Fandom has acquired GameSpot, Metacritic and other web portals

Fandom ha acquisito GameSpot, Metacritic ed altri siti web thumbnail

Fandom announced a major acquisition with thepurchase of various sites of great relevance online such as GameSpot, Metacritic and others. The operation is the basis of a agreement between Fandom and Red Ventures, a company that previously owned the websites in question after purchasing them as part of the CNET Media Group acquisition. The amount allocated for the acquisition is 55 million dollars.

Fandom acquires GameSport, Metacritic and other Red Ventures websites

The operation announced today by Fandom involves GameSpot, Metacritic, TV Guide, GameFAQs, Giant Bomb, Cord Cutters News e Comic Vine. To complete this maxi purchase, Fandom has allocated 55 million dollarsat least according to what the Wall Street Journal revealed.

Thanks to this operation, the company leads to 350 million active users on a monthly basis its network which now aims to become an information reference for the entertainment sector. Currently, Fandom is the 14th ad-supported network in the US.

Perkins Miller, CEO of Fandomcomments on the acquisition: “We are excited to add these powerful and influential brands to the Fandom platform, which will expand our business capabilities and deliver engaging content for our partners, advertisers and fans. The reliable information, ratings and content they provide will make us a one-stop shop for fans on their gaming and entertainment journey. “