Fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers: the technology to stay cool

Ventilatori, climatizzatori e deumidificatori: la tecnologia per stare al fresco thumbnail

June has just passed, yet it already seems that this is it hottest summer ever. Even those who suffer less from the heat are stocking up on supplements, fans and any solution that allows them to suffer less from the heat. We have therefore decided to offer you a panorama of the best fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers in circulation: all the technology for make summer 2022 a little cooler.

The best fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers for summer 2022

There are those who work in the sun and those who work in the office with air conditioning. But once they get home, everyone wants one solution to stay cool, no matter how much we suffer (and how much we have suffered) from the heat.

We therefore chose ours fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners preferti, the best available in 2022. And then we have divided by categories and arranged the devices of each category in ascending price order, to help you choose.

Remember to consider the use you will make of the device and the space you want to cool. If you just need to keep the room cool for a couple of hours to watch a movie, a fan (even a cheap one) or a dehumidifier might be enough. Those who do smart working all day, on the other hand, will perhaps spend less energy in the long run with an air conditioner and leaving doors and windows closed.

The best fans for summer 2022

Moving hot air also becomes a little more bearable. And with the right fan, you won’t need anything else to stay cool. Here are the best.

Honeywell TurboForce HT900E

Technology does not live on absolutes, instead it solves problems. If you have to freshen up an entire salon, you won’t even know you have turned it on Honeywell TurboForce HT900E. But if you want to have a little breeze while playing PlayStation or reading a book, just put this product down on the table and enjoy the air.

It makes no noise, it is very small and above all it costs just over 20 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Fan 2 Lite

xiaomi best fans summer 2022 min

This product combines simplicity and technology. On the one hand, the rotating blades on the pedestrian are the ‘classic’ fan type. And for a good reason: although usually noisier, they move more air than all other solutions.

However, Xiaomi has added the ability to control with the app Mi Home (as well as Alexa and Google Assistant) your fan. The noise levels are also excellent.

Klarstein Skyscraper 3G

best fans summer 2022 klarstein min

Column fans such as that of Klarstein they have a small footprint, but a good air flow, enough for a room of small to medium size. You also have a remote control and a touch panel to adjust the speed of the blades.

Interesting the possibility of program switching on and off, to keep it from turning off when you are asleep, for example.

Dyson Pure Cool Link

dyson pure cool best fans summer 2022 min

Dyson has engineered advanced and futuristic looking products. The Pure Cool Link non is outdone: it doesn’t even use shovels. This makes it safer, more elegant. But even a little louder.

The air supply is very high, although not as direct as with the blades. But the truth is that this is a product of another category: in addition to moving the air purifies it and makes you healthier. Plus, it costs significantly more. It is not a product for everyone, but Dyson quality is not lacking.

When fans are not enough: the best dehumidifiers 2022

And dehumidifier it can be the perfect solution, especially if you live in a particularly humid environment, which becomes very muggy in the summertime. Humidity makes you feel more heat in summer and also cold in winter. Furthermore, a dehumidifier can be useful in different environments, from laundries to bathrooms, during all seasons.

Pro Breeze

pro breeze dehumidifier min

This dehumidifier takes off up to 12 liters of water per day, with a 1.8 liter tank with automatic shutdown and four wheels to take it where you need it with ease. The timer makes it easy to adjust both day and night.

Quiet, excellent up to 30-35 square meters. But even if the room were slightly larger, it would just be a matter of having a little more patience. Perfect all year round.

De’Longhi Tasciugo AriaDry

delonghi tasciugo ariadry min

De’Loghi is practically synonymous with dehumidifier, not only for good marketing. This version of the Tasciugo AriaDry takes away up to 25 liters of water from the air in a day, while producing a noise of just 44 decibels.

If you also have a large room, you can not only remove the humidity but also the dust with the filter system. A product that you will soon not do without. Especially when you turn it on in winter and see how the clothes dry.

The best air conditioners

You want the complete solution, without compromises? The air conditioner is the right choice. The products we recommend also all have the ability to heat when autumn arrives and to remove moisture. Remember to use them carefully to limit emissions (and bloodletting on the bill).

Hisense Easy smart 12000 Btu

hisense best conditioners min

Hisense products have a really good value for moneyo and in this product you can see it all. We also like the minimal design and above all the ability to use l’inverter when it starts to get cold.

The function Super it cools down on the fly when you get home and you can’t stand the heat anymore. The function Sleep ensures that you sleep in maximum comfort.

LG Libero Plus SQ WiFi

lg air conditioners min

This product LG it has an inverter and a dehumidifier. Above all, it has all the experience of LG engineers who make it with the heat exchanger 28% more efficient consumption compared to the competition. Quiet and capable of refreshing in an instant, it will not disappoint you.

It also has the WiFi connection to adjust it even remotely, to make the smart diagnosis in case something doesn’t work (with the 10-year warranty, you don’t have to worry). An excellent and complete product.

Samsung Clima WindFree Comfort Next

samsung windfree min

Samsung has also decided to revolutionize the world of air conditioners and is succeeding. Technology WindFree exploits 21,000 micro-holes to diffuse the air. In this way, no one will be able to complain that “the air arrives on the neck”: the coolness spreads with an enveloping and discreet breeze.

With the app SmartThings you can remotely adjust your device to get home with the right temperature. The best ally against the summer heat.

These are our recommendations for defeating the heat of summer 2022 with the best fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Technological allies to stay cool. But if you need some advice, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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