Fantasy Town is also about to arrive in Italy

Manca sempre meno all’uscita di Fantasy Town in Italia thumbnail

While players in Spain and the Nordic countries can start playing Fantasy Town from mobile from today, the release in Italy is less and less missing.

Fantasy Town will be available on iOS and Android

Just today gamigo announced the release of its new mobile simulation game – Fantasy Town – in Spain and the Nordic countries. Users from these regions can now enjoy the lively mix of exploration, role-playing and adventure as they build their city. Produce, grow crops, trade goods, and then explore and defend the land and citizens from the evil Trolls, who are always ready to cause damage and devastation.

“Today’s gradual launch brings us one step closer to the full release of the game,” said Jens Knauber, CEO of gamigo. “Our goal for this phase is to get player feedback.”

Players will then assume the role of a Lord who rules Arsendal County. They will have to build, manage and upgrade various buildings, farmland, crops and more. The goal is the prosperity of the earth and the well-being of the citizens. It will also be possible to explore areas across an exciting and diverse continent, to collect rare resources. The game will also feature special events that will reward participants for taking part in it through various minigames.

We just have to wait for the release for Italy then, which is expected on iOS and Android by the end of the year.