Far Cry 6: how to find gunpowder

In this guide dedicated to Far Cry 6 we will discover where you can find gunpowder, one of the most useful elements of the game

The gunpowder is one of the elements behind the weapon upgrade system featured in Far Cry 6, the new chapter of Ubisoft’s well-known FPS saga. The possibility of develop the effectiveness of their artillery it is not to be underestimated: to overthrow the Anton Castillo regime you need all the firepower you can get your hands on. The difficulty with which this resource is available, however, is directly proportional to its usefulness. Through this guide, we will explain how to find out in which areas of Yara, the island that serves as the setting for the game, you can find the precious dust.

Far Cry 6: the news of the new chapter

The setting of the new chapter of the Ubisoft franchise is the Caribbean and, in particular, the fictional island of Yara. This is ruled by a ruthless dictator known to all as “El Presidente”. In full respect of the traditions of the Far Cry saga, the villain is a charismatic character, destined to be remembered much longer than the protagonist. This new enemy has the appearance of the good actor Giancarlo Esposito, known to the general public for having taken part (almost always with antagonist roles) in very successful TV series and films.

The character that the player is called to control is instead the young guerrilla Dani Rojas, whose gender can be selected. Rojas, to succeed in ousting the dictator played by Esposito, launches into a no holds barred war in which, to ensure victory, he can count on a large number of weapons. As we said earlier, to enhance them, however, it will be necessary to recover the gunpowder, so let’s find out in which areas of the Far Cry 6 map it is possible to find it.

Far Cry 6: how to find gunpowder

Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6: How to Find Gunpowder

The gunpowder it is almost always contained in casse FND. These are usually located inside enemy checkpoints and bases. The cases containing the precious material are black and are marked with the FND logo in white and red. Since these are very very similar to those that contain the weapons, it is necessary to be careful not to confuse them. To distinguish them, you can observe how they come marked on the map: the powder containers are indicated by a white box icon with a circle drawn inside it; those containing the weapons have a similar icon, but with a gun instead of the circle.

Far Cry 6: how to find gunpowder

Word of mouth – Far Cry 6: how to find gunpowder

In some cases, the exact placement of these speakers is contained in some notes. These are scattered around the map, and to find them, you need to thoroughly explore the island of Yara. Some of the places where the containers are hiding are known to some of the NPCs with which it is possible to interact. In Far Cry 6, the characters who can tell us where to go to get the gunpowder are usually the ones who inhabit the areas occupied by the troops of Castillo; to obtain this valuable information it is therefore important to ensure that as many prisoners as possible are saved.

Far Cry 6: how to find gunpowder

Long live the revolution!

Armed with all the gunpowder you can get your hands on, players of Far Cry 6 they can finally launch an assault on the Anton Castillo regime. The war against the dictator can be fought both alone and together with others via the co-op mode. The title then presents a new function for the franchise: the ability to play through the third-person perspective.

Far Cry 6 was launched on the market on October 7th and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. Keep following us on TechGameWorld.com to stay updated on all the news regarding the best upcoming titles. If you are interested in buying this or another title, we suggest you take a look at the vast Instant Gaming catalog.