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Farming Simulator 22: What we know about the Antonio Carraro DLC

The first Farming Simulator 22 DLC is coming, as announced today by GIANTS Software. Here’s when it comes out and what you need to know.

Farming Simulator 22: the Antonio Carraro DLC online from March 22nd

Dear farmers from Farming Simulator 22, take shelter in the shade because great news arrives for you. In fact, the DLC dedicated to Antonio Carraro, a well-known Italian manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The expansion will introduce ten new machines to the game, and will be released on March 22, 2022 for PC and consoles. There is no need to wait too long though, because the preorder is available immediately. With the new update it will be possible to have ad hoc machines for the cultivation of grapes and olives, as specified by the developers of GIANTS Software in an official press release.

“When Farming Simulator 22 was launched, we immediately received very positive feedback from our fans regarding the introduction of the new crops,” he said. Thomas Frey, Creative Director at GIANTS Software. “We are proud of our collaboration with Antonio Carraro, one of the main points of reference in the agricultural machinery sector. Together, we will enrich the virtual vineyards and orchards of Farming Simulator 22 ″.

The great advantage offered by Antonio Carraro machines is theirs maneuverability in confined spaces. They go where other tractors would fail, providing the farmer with unique tools to excel at their job. Among the famous models of the brand, the game will introduce the historic Supertigre 635, the versatile TTR 7600 Infinity and the MACH 4 R. But not only: the TGF 10900 R models, the TONY 10900 SR / TR / TTR, the TTR 4400 and the Tigrecar 3200. Made in Italy excellence in the most popular agricultural simulation game in the world.

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