Faster updates for Samsung smartphones in Europe

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The latest rumors reveal that Samsung wants speed up the firmware update process for Galaxy devices in Europe. On the other hand, the company has already made a change to the way updates are distributed in our continent, starting with the Galaxy A52. And now it appears that other Samsung smartphones will follow the same strategy as well, meaning users will be able to have easier access to beta versions of the firmware.

Samsung smartphone: the update process becomes faster in Europe

Until recently, all Samsung Galaxy smartphones were tied to the international prefix (CSC) in which they were sold. As anticipated, the Galaxy A52 was the first device to receive an “EUX” identifier, or a single CSC for various countries. Essentially, an indication that denoted the smartphone as a European version, without actually being tied to a specific place. A strategy that the company has also adopted for Galaxy Z Fold 3 e Galaxy Z Flip 3This will allow the company to release simultaneous updates for all devices in Europe, and not just for a specific region.

A change that will greatly simplify the life of developers, who will not have to create multiple versions of the same update. And who will therefore be able to quickly release updates for Samsung smartphones from the Old Continent. Reliable sources, in fact, state that the company has already abandoned the development of firmware with several CSCs for European countries. More specifically, the models of the series Galaxy A53, Galaxy A33, GalaxY A13 e Galaxy S22 they will receive a unique EUX identifier. A first step towards a change that will then affect a large part of the production. And we are sure that we will benefit, especially because we want to test the beta as soon as available.