Fastweb launches eSIMs, digital SIMs close to the environment

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Fastweb pushes on offering increasingly sustainable digital solutions for its customers and launches mobile offers for all its offers Embedded SIM (eSIM)the new virtual SIMs that offer the functionality of a traditional SIM for calling and browsing the Internet without the need for a physical SIM inside the device.

Fastweb eSIM, when the digital SIM will be available

Starting from 18 September in all Fastweb storesfamilies and businesses will be able to request the new eSIMs, thus contributing to eliminating the plastic used for the production of traditional SIMs in favor of an entirely digital experience that is more sustainable for the environment.

Both new and existing Fastweb customers who use a compatible device will have the possibility to request the activation of a new eSIM or the simple replacement of their physical SIM via the Scan the QR Code supplied in Fastweb stores and also available in the MyFastweb customer area. Furthermore, thanks to the new eSIM technology, all Fastweb customers will be able to activate multiple telephone numbers on a single device, also reducing the risk of damage or loss of the SIM.

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Fastweb eSIM, how it works

The eSIM can be easilyand transferred from one device to anotheroffering greater flexibility to customers who need to change their smartphone, simply by uninstalling the previously activated virtual SIM and reusing the QR code.

Perfect for businesses

For medium and large companiesthe company instead offers the possibility of activating eSIMs by mass sending QR codes directly via e-mail to further simplify the process of adopting digital SIMs, particularly in situations with many employees distributed across the territory.

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