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Father’s Day: gifts for technology enthusiasts

If you are looking for ideas for the Father’s Daywhy not focus on tech and latest generation gifts?

Possible tech gifts for Father’s Day

AIRY TWS and ZOLA in Teufel

For music-loving dads, why not focus on a product like Teufel’s AIRY TWS earphones? They are a reliable and safe device, since pure sound and with a long autonomy.

The earphones also feature four built-in microphones for better intelligibility wherever your dad may be and are equipped with rechargeable case.

Made of soft antibacterial silicone, they are available in 5 different sizes for the price of 99,99€.

If, on the other hand, your father is an avid gamer, then he will certainly appreciate the ZOLA, ultra-light and comfortable to wear gaming headphones, equipped with swivel HD condenser microphone.

The ZOLAs are available in 5 different colors and equipped with a useful set of accessories. The price? 129,99€.

Mouse VOXX E RGB GXT 619 Thorne di Trust

The Trust VOXX mouse is equipped with digital display and vertical designoffering comfort and efficiency for a hardworking dad.

With 9 buttons, this mouse has the DPI that allows you to adjust the speed of the cursor and side buttons to move forward and backward in the browser. It can also be connected via USB or Bluetooth and can be yours for the price of 49,99€.

In contrast, the RGB GTX 619 is ideal for all of those gamer dad who appreciate a high-level design with very high audio performance, at the price of 49,99€.

T-Fit 270Trevi and a nostalgic turntable only on QVC.it

If your dad is a born sportsman, then he will certainly appreciate the T-Fit 270 Trevi smartwatch, for sale on QVC.it. The device is ideal to accompany every workout, combining sports functions with those of call. T-Fit 270 Trevi is compatible with iOS e Android and can be purchased at the price of 69,90€.

Also on QVC.it is the nostalgic turntable “The House of Marley Stir It Up” in formato wireless, to accompany unforgettable moments. The device is made of bamboo wood and with built-in speakers and is priced at 239,90€.

Battery charger with solar panel

For i green dadalone 15,00€you can find from Flying Tiger the charger with solar panel, to recharge your device wherever it is using clean energy.

And at the price of 3,00€ you can also buy YAY!, a nice and useful metal holder for mobile phone.

Kobo Clear 2E

For dad readers, however, at the price of 149,99€there is Kobo Clear 2Ethe eReader produced in recycled plastic con touchscreen HD E Ink Carta 1200 da 6”, updated to Dark Mode and ComfortLight Pro. Featuring 16GB of storage, the Kobo Clara 2E can accommodate tons of Kobo eBooks and audiobooks. Plus it is waterprooftherefore bathtub-proof and sudden splashes.

Lens Sync by Hoya

If your dad works a lot on computers or is a movie buff, you might think about betting on ribbon Sync in Hoyauseful for counter eye fatigue due to too much exposure to screens and blue light.

Sync lenses can be purchased at Hoya Center optical centers.

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