Federcarrozzieri answers how much it costs to repair an electric car

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The question arises spontaneously: how much costa repair an electric car? The answer comes directly from Federcarrozzieri.

How much does it cost to repair an electric car? Federcarrozzieri replies, source DepositPhotos

Between skills and certifications

We look at them, yes, but with detachment. We started driving them, but with charging anxiety. Eh, now, we also have to figure out how to repair them.

So, the electric cars they begin to enter the workshops and many wonder: What are the costs for repairs?

The intervention of Federcarrozzieri

We add to the above the intervention of Federcarrozzierithe reference body for autocarrozzerie in Italy.

This not only takes a snapshot of the situation at the moment, but warns us of a whole series of factors to take into consideration.

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Archived the glitter ofIAA in Monaco, where electric has made a lot of headlines. Now, let’s analyze the factors to take into consideration when repairing electric cars.

The numbers, as always, dictate the guidelines and in this case for the repairs of electric cars it is estimated that they cost more to repair than thermal ones: we are around 18%/30%.

These are figures that make our eyes widen and at the same time we think about our wallets, which we already struggle to maintain with an internal combustion vehicle.

Hence the intervention of Davide Gallipresident of Federcarrozzieriwhich explains how important it is to have in the workshop personal who has certified skills. So let it be in possession of PES-PAV license.

Naturally this requirement affects costs. Let’s not forget, then, that the latest generation cars are made with 60% more than technology Compared to others. And this involves the adoption of more complex procedures to perform. For example: from programming electronic systems to recalibration.

How much does it cost to repair an electric car?  Federcarrozzieri responds

Federcarrozzieri’s appeal

Above all, all this and much more requires body shops to constantly update. Precisely in this regard the president Of Federcarrozzieriemphasizes how necessary theintervention of the Italian Government.

Davide Galli he continues, in his dissertation, arguing that an increase in costs for workshops is passed on to customer accounts. Above all, theintervention of the institutions must be vigilant to protect the interests of the body shops.


A phenomenon of no small importance is theabusive practices and illegality in the sector. Yes, the phenomenon has begun low cost repairs which do not comply with regulations and which may compromise the road safety and thesafety of motorists.

Let us always remember that when we get behind the wheel of any vehicle, the relationship is between the driver, the road and the community of motorists. Therefore it is necessary to train new recruits and update those already working in the field. All this involves an enormous economic effort, new jobs and raising awareness among the motoring community to make informed choices on the matter.

In conclusion, on the one hand we have the automotive industry which is buzzing with new models and competitive strategies, on the other there is the aftermath, when we leave the dealership and get behind the wheel of our electric car, with all that burden of things that we must remember so as not to remain stranded.

Yes, the cost of repairs, as Federcarrozzieri points out, is certainly a new concern and fairness and safety must be guaranteed for all road users, but first of all we must always be aware drivers.

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