Ferrari denies having suffered a hacker attack

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Ferrari denies having suffered a hacker attackmisleading the claims of the cybergang RansomEXX of yesterday. According to the Maranello company, there have been no violations or data publications on the dark web.

Ferrari denies the hacker attack immediately

According to when the company from Maranello reports, there is “no evidence of a breach of their systems or ransomware”. The company also underlines that “there has been no interruption of its business and operations”.

These clarifications come in the aftermath of the claim of RansomEXX, cybergang that he had claimed to have stole 7GB of data from Ferrari. The news, first reported by the Red Hot Cyber ​​website, immediately made its way around the web. So much so that Ferrari today underlines that it is “aware of the fact that some media have reported the possible loss of information by Ferrari and the presence of some documents online”.

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We ourselves had reported the news, specifying that the Maranello company had not yet given an answer and that it would continue to analyze the possible attack.

The hackers had bragged about the theft of Maranello’s design data and other internal documents, which could have had a major negative impact on the company. Never Ferrari computer technicians, on the other hand, deny having suffered any attack.

The affair therefore seems to have been resolved without real damage for the Cavallino. We will keep you updated should there be any further developments for this case.