Samsung will build 1.4 nanometer chips by 2027

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Samsung Foundry aims to build chips with a 1.4 nanometers by 2027, to make semiconductors even more performing and efficient. The company explained its business plan to Samsung Foundry Forum 2022.

Samsung Foundry, 1.4 nanometer chip by 2027

Samsung has started producing a 3nmwhich take advantage of technology GAA (Gate All Around). A design change that the company promises will ensure better energy efficiency for devices that use these processors.

Samsung wants to introduce these chips 20% smaller compared to the first generation of 3 nanometer chips by 2024. They will be used for smartphones, PCs, cloud servers, wearables. According to the company, these chips could attract some of the processor manufacturers it has lost to TSMC in recent years: Apple, AMD, Nvidia e Qualcomm over all.

In 2025, however, the company aims to start the production of 2-nanometer semiconductors. These chips will use the “backside power delivery”: the energy necessary for operation will come from one side of the transistor, which will communicate on the other side. Something that should greatly improve the performance of the chips.

Finally, Samsung is already working on a production line for 1.4 nanometer semiconductorsstarting to produce i chip in 2027. Samsung has not presented any numbers on the efficiency or power of these smaller semiconductors at this time. But it means it will halve the size in five years.

Samsung thinks these chips will primarily serve the needs of industries such as automotive, IoT and 5G, as well as computers HPC (High-Performance Computer). More and more industries need semiconductors and Samsung Foundry wants to be ready.