FiberCop: AGCM dà il via libera all

FiberCop: AGCM gives the green light to the agreement of TIM, Fastweb, Tiscali and KKR

Today, AGCM, the Competition and Market Authority, gave the green light to the access agreements to the FiberCop infrastructure reached by TIM, Fastweb, Tiscali and the KKR fund. The authority pointed out that these agreements do not represent an obstacle to competition. Here are the full details on the matter.

AGCM gives the green light to FiberCop

She arrived there today AGCM’s decision on the matter FiberCop. The authority has given the green light to agreements made by TIM, Fastweb, Tiscali and KKR for access to the FiberCop network, reference point of the Italian infrastructure for optical fiber. According to the Authority, in fact, these agreements do not undermine competition and do not create obstacles, even in the medium and long term, in the wholesale market for fixed network telecommunications.

This agreement could lead to a “rapid modernization of the country’s fixed telecommunications infrastructure” as verified by the Competition Authority. These agreements are based on the possibility of reducing the barriers for the acquisition of customers, ie operators in the telco sector who will use the network, and favoring the development of infrastructures in Italy.

AGCM underlined, in any case, that will monitor the development of the situation and the effective execution of the commitments made by the companies. The first verification of the obligations of the companies involved is expected in 60 days. We will see what AGCM’s parry will be.

TIM’s comment

TIM commented on AGCM’s decision: “AGCM’s decision confirms the effectiveness of the project promoted by TIM which is accelerating the development of the latest generation network infrastructures, benefiting the digitization of the entire country”

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