FIFA 22: how to recognize Walkout players

FIFA 22 has finally entered the full competition both inside and outside the rectangle, so today we want to explain how to recognize walkout players who come out of packs

FIFA 22 is finally in full swing. The new football chapter of EA Sports returns as every year with a new edition and many new features. Once again, the flagship mode of the game remains the FUT, enriched by numerous additions and novelties. One of the favorite activities remains the “unpacking of players”, whose animation has been turned upside down again. To avoid unnecessary heart attacks or any disappointments, today we want to explain how to recognize a Walkout player in FIFA 22 when it comes out of the package.

Packages, packages and more packages

FIFA 22 has been available for three weeks now, with the FUT mode now in full swing. In addition to the various competitions, we all know what that means: new packs and animations. As every year the question is for the umpteenth time: how do i recognize Walkout players? Well, as it turns out, there are a couple of indicators that you can use as “signals” to reliably determine what kind of leading card we are about to find. As usual, we run to your rescue, and today we want to explain to you in this guide how to recognize FIFA 22 Walkouts.

FIFA 22: how to recognize Walkout players

Let’s clarify – FIFA 22: how to recognize walkout players

Always, the packs of the FUT they are the best way to find the best players to enrich your club. Every year, however, the EA has the habit of changing the animation of the Walkout and the realtivi “signals” to understand what is about to happen. Last year, for example, it was possible to tell if a walkout player was about to come out of the neon lights to the left of the tunnel even before the animation. Also this year there are some indicators on what kind of player is about to come out, it’s all about knowing how to grasp them.

Like every year, the cards are divided by quality (bronze, silver, gold or special). We specify that only gold and special cards can be Walkout, but the possibilities are much lower than those of board (screens, in Italian) or common cards. To recognize which type of card is about to come out, you have to pay attention to some details that we are about to reveal to you.

FIFA 22: how to recognize Walkout players

How to recognize a walkout – FIFA 22: how to recognize walkout players

FIFA 21 was heavily criticized for its lengthy pack animations, so FIFA 22 decided to speed things up. The Walkout is the easiest to recognize, since you will see the player literally walk on the field. The player will then be accompanied by three blazes of the fireworks that celebrate him. This happens when you get a card with a rating higher than 86 overall. There is a special animation for the best players, those who have a rating above 88: in addition to the flames, the spotlights will turn on at the top of the screen. If these also fire, then you have a top tier card on your hands.

Conversely, the Boards are much softer. If it is a card that has a score of 82 or lower, you will only get a static photo of a card, accompanied by its overall. Instead, if the card has a score between 83 and 85, the animation will be a little more lively, as the card will be accompanied by a single firework.

FIFA 22: how to recognize Walkout players

A matter of…. fortune

Well friends, this was our short but accurate guide on how to recognize Walkout players or not in FIFA 22. Please, unpack at every opportunity to enrich your club and aim for an even better score in WL e Division Rivals. As always, we greet you and invite you to stay connected on for more guides, reviews, news and much more from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye and good luck!