FIFA 22: the guide on how to defend

The mechanics of FIFA change dramatically every year. Of all, the defense is the most difficult to “master” as well as the most incisive. For this reason, today we want to explain how to defend in FIFA 22

There is a saying in the world of football: attack wins games, but defense wins championships. As in real football, knowing how to defend in FIFA 22 can make a difference for a season, a WL and much more. It is well known that FIFA is biased towards the attack, also because according to the EA philosophy there is no fun in grinding clean sheets and 1-0 wins. Also, in this last chapter of the series the reversals in front are the best way to puncture the opponent’s defense, so a good defense can lead to lightning-fast restarts. For this reason, today we want to explain to you how to defend effectively in FIFA 22.

The best offense is defense… right?

Each year, updates in FIFA bring more control and immersion than ever. Numerous improvements have been introduced to the game this year to the attacking AI, therefore it will be necessary to recover the ball as much as possible to defend the advantage or to restart quickly. This also and above all depends on the ability of a player in intercepting the passages stray, how quickly he closes on the ball and how likely he is to successfully sink tackles. As mentioned, an effective defense can also turn into a quick attack. In FIFA 22 take the ball and start on the break with the opponent outnumbered, gives a huge advantage. In other words, learning how to defend in FIFA 22 is considerably more important compared to previous chapters in the series.

FIFA 22: the guide on how to defend

A matter of intuition – FIFA 22: how to defend

Defending in FIFA 22 comes down, more often than not, to timing and anticipation of the ball. Be careful though, because relying on AI to defend for you can lead to disastrous results. To defend in FIFA 22, the best strategy is to embarrass the opponent. Specifically, tackle in the correct way by holding down L2/LT it turns out to be absolutely fundamental. In this way, it is possible to force a difficult pass or intercept the ball, or move the player out of the way to cover a miss. Also, a faster defensive player will tackle faster than others that are slower, as well as anticipating more readily (see Kante or Tonali CLL, true game changers of the midfield). The physique also plays a key role this year, with the “bulky” players more incisive in recovering the ball.

Once well positioned with the player, it is possible to intervene manually (with O/B) to cut off the attacker. Holding O / B results in a stronger blow or an opponent’s jerk, so be careful not to commit unnecessary fouls. Also, remember to use the sliding tackle (square / X) only when you are absolutely sure of getting on the ball, or to spend the tactical foul (being careful not to end up in the shower prematurely).

FIFA 22: the guide on how to defend

Not just tackles – FIFA 22: how to defend

Another fundamental step to learn is that of master player switching to defend intelligently. Manually switching players is always more effective than pressing R1/RB, preventing your defense from being bypassed. To manually switch players, use the right analog stick towards the player you want to select. Also, in FIFA 22, pressing the right stick while defending activates the feature Icon Switching. Four defenders have a specific direction above their head, allowing you to slide the right stick in the direction relative to the defender you want to select. This switch mode, however, it is extremely complex and difficult to master so we advise you to do a lot of practice with the CPU before going into the competitive.

Pulling in an AI player with doubling (holding R1 / RB), to press the opponent while trying to close the passing lanes, is another effective way to stop the action. In FIFA 22 teammates being doubled up have a stamina bar, so they can’t hold forever. This depends on the players with a high defensive workrate, the higher the workrate, the more effective they are in automatic interventions.

FIFA 22: the guide on how to defend

Investing for the future – FIFA 22: how to defend

Despite the tip & tricks to defend in FIFA 22, there is one constant that will never change: fast defenders. Like every year in FIFA, speed (PACE) is the most incisive feature, even for defensive players. Investing in fast players pays off in both the short and long term, so we recommend investing in fast central defenders. Beyond that, a small list of other tips & tricks to keep in mind:

  • Investing in fast players: Having fast central defenders is key (and is part of what makes Varane, Kimpembe and the like so OP), despite the premium price in FUT. Additionally, using Chemistry Styles can greatly improve player stats (especially Shadow and Anchor).
  • Direction of the full back: Getting caught off guard by opponents leaves you vulnerable to crosses, cuts or the ball rolling into the center. Try not to get too unbalanced with the full backs especially in intercepting the ball.
  • Pressing: Using high pressure to put pressure on the opponent in his own half often proves to be the right way to recover the ball on offense and go to the net. Be careful though, because high pressure can drag players out of position, so remember to turn it off after the action is over.
  • Formation: A form properly covered in defense and set up well for offense is the right way to pierce the opponent’s defense. Remember that a team that is too leaning forward is vulnerable to the rear, and a team that is too defensive tends to squash in the area.
  • Custom settings: Defensive width and depth are now on a slider between 1-100; opting for a deeper defensive line makes you safer against long ball attacks, but instead makes attacking more difficult. We suggest testing this option over several games and tweaking it to suit your play style.

FIFA 22: the guide on how to defend

Road to the WL

Well friends, these were our tips on how to defend in FIFA 22. We hope we have been helpful, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments if you have anything else to add, or for any doubts and uncertainties. As always, we greet you and remind you to stay connected on for further guides, news, reviews and much more. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye!