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FIFA 23: Career Mode is finally renewed

Con FIFA 23 the Career mode is renewed. The goal of Electronic Arts is to give fans a more authentic gaming experience that also includes the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Santander and many more.

FIFA 23 and the new Career mode

FIFA 23 Career Mode comes with a menu renewed in design and designed to make everything more intuitive, with contextual information that serves to simplify commitments, training, transfers and much more.

But this is only the beginning. FIFA 23 introduces playable key moments, where you are called to take control to define the outcome. In short, instead of playing 90 minutes you will be called to intervene through dynamically generated highlights which may involve the last minute of the match, a corner kick or a dangerous attack.

Among the news also dynamic moments, with cinematic sequences concerning the most important events, such as the entry of the eleventh owner of your team or the arrival in a new club as a player, or even the signing of an important player. All this to make your career more engaging.

In Player career also arrives a fluid personality system, which allows you to define the player’s character based on his actions on and off the pitch.
For example, you will have to decide whether to throw or pass the ball, whether to visit an injured teammate or ignore him, whether to invest in a technological startup or buy a sports car. In short, you will be called upon to make a series of decisions that will affect your future and the enhancement of certain attributes.

And the Career Manager? First of all you can play the role of some of the great coaches of our time such as Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel.
There will be then a new feedback system related to transfers which will help you understand the impact of club acquisitions and sales. The analysis of the finances of the deal, including your negotiation skills, will allow you to understand if it was a good deal or not, while the level of your purchases compared to the current squad and the effect on the fortunes of your team will be also evaluated for their impact on your performance.

Would you like to know more? You can watch the in-depth video released by EA.

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