FIFA 23, per la prima volta anche una donna in copertina: Sam Kerr thumbnail

FIFA 23, for the first time even a woman on the cover: Sam Kerr

The cover of FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition shows how last year the PSG player Kylian Mbappebut this year there is something new: next to him Sam Kerr of Chelsea, the prima donna on the cover of the video game. I two strongest players in the world to represent the game, a must for football fans.

FIFA 23: on the cover Mbappé and Sam Kerr, first woman on the cover of the game

It is no secret now that the EA Sport team considers Mbappé the best player in the world, no matter what titles (or not) and who wins the Ballon d’Or. After last year, the French and PSG star (although it is not known how long he will stay in Paris) back on the cover of FIFA 23 for the Ultimate Edition. Indeed, the champion returns for the third consecutive year.

But the big news this year is the inclusion next to him of Sam Kerrabsolute star of the English women’s championship with the Chelsea FC Women. In fact, the Australian national team shows the English club’s shirt, suggesting that we can play in the Women’s Super League in the next edition of the game. And it is the first time this has happened.

sam kerr first female cover of fifa 23 min

In the past, the game of EA allowed to select female soccer teamsthere, but so far only through the FIFA Volta mode, with friendlies and in the Pro Clubs. It seems instead that he could now play entire leagues and follow the careers of footballers.

As reported by Eurogamer, the game’s producer Matthew Lafreniere explains: “This promises to be the most inclusive FIFA ever, with new experiences built in to attract football players and fans around the world. At FIFA, we are committed to building the fairest experience and we hope to make women’s football grow ”.

The inclusion of a player on the cover such as the very strong Sam Kerr and that of the women’s leagues comes in the last year in which EA Sports will be able to use the FIFA name, after which the thirty-year contract with the football association will end. From next year it will be called EA Sports FC 24. But let’s hope that the attention to champions like Kerr does not diminish.

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