FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

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Let’s find out together, in this short guide, how to quickly earn money and FUT credits in FIFA 23: some tricks and useful advice to accumulate virtual currency in the new Electronic Arts football simulation and avoid microtransactions

FIFA 23 has now arrived on the market, to monopolize that slice of football and video game fans, for a few days. On September 26, the new Electronic Arts football simulation has arrived on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S., shifting the balance once again and becoming, once again, one of the most played and anticipated titles of the year. And considering the passage of the title, of course, you will necessarily have to start from scratch in the construction of your team. And, to do so, you will also need FUT Coins and Coins. Precisely in this regard, we want to explain, in this short guide, how to quickly earn money and FUT credits in FIFA 23. Many of you will already know these strategies and little tricks, but novices may find themselves confused and, who knows, maybe some veteran needs shed some light on some new mechanics.

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A poem could be written on how to quickly earn FUT money and coins in FIFA 23: there are actually many methods. This if we obviously exclude the purchase with real currency, not so much because we demonize microtransactions but because, in the end, if that were the solution there would be no need for any guidance. The main method, however, is always the same: play. Play a lot, have fun alone or with friends, play online and complete your career. FIFA 23 is very generous in terms of gifts and will not fail to reward you adequately. But let’s discover some tricks a little more technical and specific.

FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

The good old digital transfer market | FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

The first piece of advice we would like to give you is to invest time (a lot of time!) And resources in the market (which we remind you from this chapter will be cross-platform). One of the techniques that many FIFA experts use is that of “sniping”, the “hitting” cards of under-priced players on the market to buy and resell them at their actual value. Actually this is it one of the most difficult and time consuming tricks to implement, but definitely the most profitable. The reason is obvious: a card placed at a lower price than its actual value disappears within a very short time, we are talking about seconds. But using small tricks like price filters and adding a good dose of luck … the money will arrive in no time.

The purchase of Bronze and Silver packs can be very useful in different contexts. The first, of course, is that of building your team: it can also happen that you find quite strong players. The second is that of place your unused cards in the market and use them to recover the cost of the package and do a lot more. Additionally, some Squad Building Challenges will require their own Bronze or Silver cards, allowing you to acquire large amounts of credits with little effort.

FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

Squad Battles and online multiplayer | FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

Addressing the Squad Battles is actually another rather quick method (and if nothing more fun than those proposed so far) to accumulate money in FIFA 23. Let’s talk about one of the Fifa Ultimate Team modes in which you can face a team controlled by the computer (and it is therefore not a PvP). You can play alone or in the company of some ally and every week you can face a lot of them, even a dozen, being able to accumulate substantial rewards.

Participate in FIFA 23 multiplayer and compete with other players online is the simplest method of collecting resources, especially if you aim to climb Divisions. Although he is the prince of all methods, he is not exactly the fastest. Aim to complete your thirty weekly games and climb the rankings that you will find yourself in front of you: if nothing else, it will be definitely fun.

What’s New in FUT Moments | FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

The last method that we want to put on the plate is characteristic of FIFA 23 and it is a novelty that perhaps the veterans have not yet taken into consideration. The FUT Moments, in fact, present only in the single-player mode, they are particular challenges that will require you to perform specific actions during the games, like scoring a goal with a goalkeeper or something like that. All this will generate another virtual currency, the Stars, which you can use to buy Players or packages.

FIFA 23: how to quickly earn money and credits in FUT

Good fun!

And that’s it, we have tried to summarize in a few lines how to earn money and credits in the FIFA 23 FUT mode. Let us know if you are playing the new Electronic Arts football simulation below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news , video game and tech themed guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!