Dyson: Here are the tips for home and pet care

Dyson presenta alcuni consigli per la cura della casa e degli animali domestici thumbnail

On the occasion of the World Animal Day, scheduled for next October 4th, Dyson has collected a number of advice that will be useful to users to take care of the house and their four-legged friends. Here are the details:

The advice of Dyson on the occasion of World Animal Day

To meet the cleaning needs of people sharing a home with an animal, Dyson has revamped its range of cordless vacuum cleaners, with the introduction of brushes with tangle-free technology designed to deal with any type of hair and hair as well as with an accessory for pet grooming.

Per help users with pets in the housefurthermore, Dyson has gathered a number of tips. First, it’s important to tackle the root problem with one frequent grooming of the animals that will avoid an excessive deposit of hair in the house. Then we must clean from top to bottom, in order to avoid a dispersion of the hair. It is also necessary wash the blankets and remove the covers.

A 60 ° wash will help eliminate allergens. Another element not to be underestimated, among the advice provided by Dyson for those with pets, is that of aspirate slowly. In this way, in fact, the brush will have more time to remove the animal’s hair. Furthermore, it is necessaryvacuuming little and often and be careful to suck in different directions, passing the same spot several times to collect all the hairs.