“FIFA 23 is unplayable on PC”: the game is overwhelmed by negative feedback

"FIFA 23 è ingiocabile su PC": il gioco è subissato da feedback negativi thumbnail

A decidedly negative launch for the new FIFA 23, at least for the PC version of the game, released yesterday (September 29). In less than 24 hours, fans posted more than 700 negative reviewsrevealing significant criticalities in performance and in the new anti-cheat system.

Just think that on Steam only 27% of the reviews are positive, although even those do not lack criticism towards the new title of EA Sports. The problems encountered seem to concern both Steam and Origin users.

What are the FIFA 23 problems encountered on PC?

Most users complain the inability to start the title due to an “anti-cheat error”. In particular, when the title is launched, a window is shown that reads: “The EA AntiCheat service has encountered an error. Please restart the game ”.

EA immediately responded to these reports with a statement advising players to “exit the Origin / EA PC apps and restart the title with administrator privileges”. Despite this, in the same support thread, players reported that the error persisteddespite having performed these operations several times.

But the inability to play doesn’t seem to be the only problem with FIFA 23 on PC. Players who managed to launch the title report that “the game was poorly optimized for PC”. In particular, one of the feedback on Steam, reads: “the worst possible optimization even though I have a 3080 Ti graphics card”. Another user claims to experience drops in FPS with a 3070 graphics card.

Due to the amount of issues players are experiencing, the FIFA 23 community subreddit has created a specific thread to discuss the issues in the game. The discussion currently matters more than 1000 comments including crash reports, poor performance and anti-cheat problems.

Ominous omens had already manifested themselves at the beginning of the week, during the early access period of the game, when many players were unable to access the title early due to problems with the server.